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How to Use Yahoo Account Key?

How to Use Yahoo Account Key?

To keep the security in preference, Yahoo provides the multiple safety features to the users and two-step verification, Account key, App password, Spam guard are few of them. However, out of all, the Account Key is one of the best and helpful safety features for the Yahoo account. 

As Yahoo users, the probability of getting aware of this feature is very high unless you are a novice user. To get to know more about this feature, dial the Yahoo Customer Service Number

What actually Yahoo account key is?

Account key feature in Yahoo is a safer and security feature that allows you to use the mobile phone instead of entering a password to access the Yahoo account. After enabling this feature, Yahoo sends a notification to the mobile device. You can agree on access with a tap on your phone, consequently, no one else can get into your account.

In order to enable the “Account Key” feature in your Yahoo account, you just need to navigate through some simple steps. We will describe this in this post, how to use the Yahoo account key and activate or deactivate the same. 

Set Account Key using web browser

In order to sign in you must have a Yahoo application installed in your device whether it’s mobile or desktop. 

  • Visit the Yahoo Account page.
  • Tap on See how it works.
  • Choose your device and application to be informed on.
  • Tap on the Send me a notification.
  • A notification will go to the app you choose.
  • Now from your mobile device, touch the Icon which approves the access.
  • From the web browser, tap on Always use Yahoo Account Key.
  • Ensure your mobile phone number in case you lose access to the device.

Sign in with Account Key

In order to sign in with Account key and to ensure that its working or not follow the below-given steps:

  • Open the Yahoo Sign-in page.
  • Type your Yahoo ID and tap on Next.
  • After that, a notification is sent to your device to enable the access to your account
  • From your device, open the app and tap on the Account Key icon.
  • Touch the icon to approve the Account Key.
  • Then you might be prompted to either enter or tap a verification code to confirm.

Disable or Manage devices using Account Key

In case you are not comfortable with the Account key feature and want to use the old password method to access the Yahoo account, you can turn off or disable this feature by performing below given steps: 

Disable Account Key from a web browser

  • Open the Yahoo Account security page.
  • Now from the “Yahoo Account Key,” tap on the Manage option
  • Tap on Disable Account Key to move back to a password.

Deactivate Account Key from a Mobile app

  • Tap the Account Key icon.
  • Then tap Manage Account Key. 
  • Now Disable Account Key and get back to the password mode.

These are the steps to activate, use and disable the Yahoo account key feature in your account. In case you face any issue while performing the steps, dial the Yahoo Customer Care Number for instant help and guidance.

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