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LinkedIn: How to Use It to Attract Your Customers

LinkedIn: How to Use It to Attract Your Customers

Can LinkedIn be used to find new potential customers? In concrete terms, how can the business be expanded with the help of this social network?

LinkedIn is one of the most used social networks in recent years. It has over 13 million subscribers, while globally there is talk of well over 400 million. It is a thematic and vertical network focused on the professional and professional aspect.

If we look at the numbers, almost everyone now has a profile on this platform; whether it is to assert its job position, to seek new professional opportunities, to make itself known or exploited as an additional showcase for its brand, LinkedIn has now taken on an extremely important role for those who populate the world of the web. So you are faced with a channel with a really exponential number of potential customers. Why not take advantage of it?

To do this, however, effective work is essential, a perfect synergy between the sales and marketing departments, in order to implement a real strategy aimed at attracting an increasing number of leads, or potentially interested people, to your network like amazon restricted products approval. To what you sell, then managing to gain their trust until you convince them that you can offer them what they need.

The first step to being successful on LinkedIn: optimize your profile and company page

Without a doubt, before starting an approach aimed at increasing the number of followers of your account , you will have to optimize it, that is make it as complete as possible . 

Just follow 10 simple rules:

  1. Choose a tag line, or a short introduction, that catches the eye and represents your profession
  2. Report the area in which you operate. When they look for professionals in your sector, your profile will appear
  3. In the summary, use keywords related to your area of ​​activity, so you will have more chances to be found
  4. Enter your training completely
  5. Publish interesting articles regularly to increase your visibility
  6. Add multimedia content or projects you’ve done
  7. List the professional goals you have achieved
  8. Add skills and sort them by importance
  9. Join the groups in your sector and participate in the discussions
  10. Don’t forget to add a nice recent photo, which conveys professionalism and reliability.
  11. At this point, create a network of contacts with whom you have had the opportunity to compare yourself during your career, involve them in such a way as to lead them to leave a comment confirming your skills, therefore going to confirm what your value is; at the same time you yourself confirm the skills of those around you, in such a way as to encourage them, in turn, to do the same thing with you.

If you haven’t already created it, in collaboration with the marketing department of your company, open a company page linked to your profile. This must be impeccable as those who visit your profile will inevitably go to consult it to better understand what you are dealing with. Therefore it will be essential:

  • Choose a high-quality, impactful image for the cover 
  • Use the company logo using it as a profile photo
  • Choose a catchy tag line
  • Enter all the data related to the possible contact tools, from the phone number to the email, with call-to-action to further invite those who visit the page to write or call you
  • Enter the physical address and website of the company
  • List in detail what the company does, the products and services it can offer, do not forget to enter the keywords that best identify what you do
  • Invite those who work for you to complete their personal profile and connect with the company page.

Create interesting content for what your target audience might be

At this point you just have to identify a series of interesting topics that could be useful to your potential customers, then going on to draw up a targeted editorial plan . From industry research to current trends, from any company news to information related to your staff. The goal is and always remains only one: to involve users.

To do this, you can also start taking advantage of a tool recently made available by LinkedIn, namely LinkedIn Pulse. It is a real platform that allows you to create textual content, creating a sort of internal blog. Pulse offers the possibility of writing texts that include the insertion of titles, subtitles, images and texts. The ideal would be to structure them in an SEO perspective, or using the keywords of your sector. With this in mind, therefore, think of all the information that could be able to capture the attention of the potential customer, as well as the questions that the same could bring in relation to the subject matter.

All these details will undoubtedly make the difference, leading to the sharing of what is published, and an element that will also increase confidence in what you do. Furthermore, you could create direct messages or rely on groups to share them, informing the user in real time when a new article comes out.

Start searching for people you might be interested in yourself

LinkedIn has a truly unique feature, i.e. it allows you to perform extremely targeted searches. It allows you to search for contacts directly by entering the company that interests us, but also on a geographical basis and by professional qualification. At the same time join yourself to groups where you could meet users interested in your services and products, but above all try to make yourself known.

Then add them to your network so that they can see your company profile and your contents and, when you notice interest from some of them, you may think of creating a group in which to insert them to share experiences directly and information, answer questions and question them to understand what touchpoints are of interest to them.

Although many ignore this aspect, LinkedIn represents perhaps more than any other a social network aimed at professional knowledge, especially in the B2B area, where companies are constantly looking for potential customers and suppliers.

Also keep in mind that the sellers of your company themselves could be involved in this strategy, in turn adding to their profile any customers with whom they had contacts, inevitably leading them to visit both their private and company profile, further coming into contact with as shared. 

In conclusion LinkedIn can be considered the real new frontier for a lead generation strategy, a constantly evolving social network, as shown by the very introduction of Pulse designed specifically to create real microblogs within it. For this reason, it is good to think of enhancing this tool, investing in the creation of strategies and appealing content as LinkedIn could soon become the most powerful marketing tool to attract customers to your network.

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