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How to Use FaceTime on Your iPhone is No Longer a Hassle Now

How to Use FaceTime on Your iPhone is No Longer a Hassle Now

FaceTime- Unbeatable Video Calling Feature Of Apple. Here Is Ultimate Guide On How To Use FaceTime On iPhone

Nowadays, Video calling is the instant way to connect with anyone around the world, and making it with a brand like Apple makes it even easier and qualitative with FaceTime. True, making FaceTime Video or Audio calls is extremely easy to do. FaceTime is an inbuilt video and voice call app on every iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch & Mac that won’t work with other devices like Android.  

Video calling has become pretty much easier to make from anywhere to anyone. Gone are the days when there used to be various Video conferencing panels. Though there is no doubt to say, they were quite complicated to install and couldn’t be used for all time purposes as they required a complete set-up just to make a single call.   

But the good thing is, we have now upgraded with advanced technology that makes our tasks easier than ever before. Apple is a prominent brand for its features and high-end quality performance. FaceTime is one of the best-in-class apps from the house of Apple that offers qualitative video calling with perfect visualization and audio. That is what makes FaceTime the quintessential app for Video calling from anywhere and anytime. Whether it’s the time when you want to keep your parents connected when you’re on the road or making international business calls with your clients, FaceTime is one that would be the best partner when you want to choose a jacket for yourself and the second option is putting you in confusion. 

If you haven’t used this app before, How to use FaceTime would be a question that might be hitting your mind. Using FaceTime is pretty much easy and identical on the iPhone and iPad. 

Hopefully, you also want to experience this fantastic app to grab the memories with your friends and relatives or to cut your workload. If you’re willing to use this app and couldn’t find a way, don’t worry we’re here to assist you with How To Use FaceTime on iPhone. 


To use FaceTime over your iPhone, iPad or MAC, you need a robust internet connection and for this, you can use Wi-Fi or your iPhone data. If you have not updated your device yet and are willing to enjoy it, update it today. Make Sure, if you want uninterrupted video call & hassle-free communication, give your phone battery booster & try to access it with a strong internet connection. If you consider these two aspects, FaceTime will be your only partner for Video calls in forthcoming time. 

Turn On FaceTime 

To start FaceTime on your iPhone, Open the app and sign in with your Apple ID. You can readily do this with Setting>FaceTime. If you’re willing to activate it on your iPhone, FaceTime will automatically register your phone number. To register your email address along with Phone number, go to iPhone>FaceTime>Apple ID for FaceTime and sign in. This is all you need to do for the iPhone, and similarly, you can do it on an iPad. 

What To Do To Make FaceTime Call?

Making calls from FaceTime is very simple and enjoyable. All you need to make a call with FaceTime is the phone number or registered email address of the person to whom you want to make a call. These are simple ways to make a FaceTime call. 

  • Approach FaceTime App, tap on the ‘+’ button and type the person’s phone number or email address, or if the number is already saved select it and tap on the Audio or Video option. 
  • You Can also start FaceTime during a regular call from your iPhone. To make it start, Tap on the FaceTime icon appearing on the phone while calling and it will take you to the Video calling. 
  • Once you are connected with that person, that person will start appearing on your screen. You can also tap and drag the window to any corner of the display.

Other Options FaceTime Offers

FaceTime is really fun. Moreover, it would be a great time killer if you’re bored. It could offer a lot more than your expectations. Or we can say that it will be a good partner when there is no one around you for gossip. We would like to share some hidden features of FaceTime to enhance your experience of video calling. Here they’re.

  • You can flip your front camera to rear if you want to let your partner witness the back view. 
  • Another interesting feature that can add extra fun to your video call is adding effects. These effects allow you to add filters, Animoji, Memoji Stickers, Text, Shapes, and more. 
  • Besides this fun activity, there are some important features also that can be useful to avoid awkward moments such as you can ‘Mute’, ‘Pause Video’ and may ‘End’ the call anytime you want. 
  • You can also swipe the video call to check the message or other notification, but it will pause & blur your video by the time you return to the video. 
  • The important one. When any calls approach you in between you video call, either a phone call or another FaceTime, you can choose one of these options: 
    • End the FaceTime call and accept the incoming call.
    •  Accept the Incoming and FaceTime Call will automatically be on hold. 
    •  You can also decline the incoming call to continue your FaceTime call.
  • One can also capture moments using Live Photo during FaceTime video call with iOS 12.14 and iPadOS.
  • If you take a shot during a call, others will be notified, which is one of the good and safe features for users. 

This is all about FaceTime and the aforementioned information will help you to enjoy FaceTime. Try this easy to use video calling feature of iPhone and enhance your fun by helping your friends with How to Use FaceTime if they haven’t used it yet. 

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