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Have smartphones video killed the radio star and Wi-Fi killed the free tabloid newspaper

Have smartphones video killed the radio star and Wi-Fi killed the free tabloid newspaper

With the changing time and innovation in technology, smartphones have taken an important place in our life. Smartphones are used as a substitute for cameras, note-making diary, calendar, a watch, a tabloid newspaper, minicomputer, and many similar things. It can be claimed that smartphones are a one-stop solution for multiple needs which are necessary to organize and manage your professional and personal requirements. Smartphones have not replaced either of the things mentioned but they have considerably reduced the utility of other things for smartphone users. This also varies as per the preferences of the user. A few users want to stick to their conventional ways of checking the time, clicking pictures, reading news, maintaining daily notes, using a calendar, etc. Whereas, a few smartphone users prefer to discard numerous peripherals and carry everywhere just one phone in their hand which solves every purpose.

Generally speaking, it can be rightly said that Wi-Fi killed the free tabloid newspaper because, with the widespread availability of Wi-Fi, people read newspapers in their smartphones only. This enables them to save newspaper cost in addition to enjoying the flexibility of reading the newspaper anywhere anytime for which they do not even have to carry the newspaper with them. Some people have stopped using newspaper for the sake of saving paper and as their contribution to the environment. However, many old school newspaper readers cannot compromise with their newspaper reading habits probably because they do not find reading news on phone that comfortable as it is while reading in newspapers and such people have blessed the newspapers to survive.

It is also a popular word of mouth that smartphone has video killed the radio star, however, it wouldn’t be right to say that the radio stars and people’s interest in listening to the radio have been completely killed by smartphones videos. Undoubtedly, the monopoly of radio, once held, has been shattered earlier by television and now by smartphone videos, but its existence and popularity cannot be questioned. People still love to listen to the radio instead of watching video especially when they want to relax, while driving or while doing any other job when watching video is not feasible. Many radio stars may have switched to other jobs like MTV jockeys, etc. but many existing radio stars still throb the heart of the listeners and the listeners wait for their particular radio programs eagerly.

To conclude, smartphones are not yet able to video kill the radio star despite reducing the use of radio over the decades. Though, smartphones and the availability of Wi-Fi have killed the free tabloid newspaper. Besides for reading news and watching videos, smartphones are used for many other purposes which cannot be served together by anyone equipment other than a smartphone, as of now. Manufacturers offer smartphones with improved technology to smartphone users every few months. The latest features water the mouth of smartphone users to change their phones frequently. If you have recently purchased a smartphone and you want to switch to another latest technology, then it is good to move on and update yourself. If your current smartphone was purchased at discounted pricing and is contracted with a network provider then you can sell it at a higher price after getting it unlocked. A phone unlocking service answers all your questions related to how to unlock ZTE phone or unlock a smartphone of any other make. Not only the smartphone unlocking service online answers your queries but also act as ZTE unlock code calculator and generates authentic ZTE unlock codes to use any network in your phone. On entering this unlock ZTE phone code in your phone you will be able to permanently and conveniently unlock ZTE Z792 or unlock ZTE MF910+ or unlock ZTE Blade or unlock any other model of ZTE. Similarly, you can unlock phones of other manufacturers too if you hire an established phone unlocking service online.

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