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How to travel safe with a baby

How to travel safe with a baby

One of the things that are putting young people off having kids is thinking that it prohibits you from traveling around the world. However, this isn’t totally true. Sure, you can’t just pack up and move your life every time you want to, but you can still have a great time travelling with your baby, as soon as you are both ready to do so (which isn’t a long time, at all!). Not to mention that airplanes will give free passage to babies and will allow you priority boarding and seating. But on top of all that, you might need some tips to make sure the trip goes smoothly:

Bring enough of home with you

Kids are very sensitive to environment changes, and this poses the main problem with traveling with kids. If they are in a space where the sounds, smells and sights are unfamiliar, they might get frightened and uncomfortable. So how can you make them feel at home in a place they’ve never been before? Start with scent. Try to bring your own clothing detergent with you, because babies are most sensitive to scent. If their (and your) clothes start to smell differently, they will react. Secondly, make sure you bring their favorite toys, pacifiers and bottles. Sure, you can always buy them there, but your babe won’t want just any bottle, they want their bottle. So be smart and pack things up. If you are traveling somewhere with a drastically different culture than yours, bring enough food, because your foreign food or formula might upset your baby’s stomach.

travel safe with baby

Don’t go without support

Your best option is not to travel alone with a baby. Travel with your partner or with friends and family that can help out when you get exhausted. If you can’t have anyone to travel with you, at least plan to stay with family or friends, because being alone with a baby won’t be fun. Even if you can handle them at first, after a few days you will be exhausted, and your vacation will lose all purpose. If it’s a place where you have people you trust, you can hire a babysitter to help you out with your child once in a while.

Pack smart

You really don’t need to bring your entire house, no matter how much it might seem so. In reality, if you pack the best-quality baby clothes you have for that season and wash them there, you’ll be just fine. If you’re going to a colder climate make sure you’re packing plenty of layers, and for sunny days make sure you are always covering their head with some sort of hat. You only need one stroller, and if it can double up as a baby carrier, that’s even better. If you want to make sure you have your hands free during the day, invest in a baby wrap that you can strap to your back or chest and have them close.

Choose accommodation wisely

You most certainly don’t want to be in a situation where you’re turned away from your hotel because it isn’t baby-friendly. Furthermore, you want to make sure that they offer cribs for babies if you’re not comfortable with your baby sleeping in an unsecured bed. Basically, if you want to be on the safe side, make sure that your accommodation is checked as kid-friendly and perhaps send them a message to ask whether they can accommodate a baby.

Plan activities

You can’t really plan to go to the movies or the theater if you have a young baby with you and nobody to take care of them while you’re there. So plan mostly activities that can be done outdoors and that are baby-friendly. Things like visiting a petting farm, parks, walking tours and similar activities are all great options that both you and your kid can enjoy. If you are planning on spending your time on a beach, make sure you are very prepared for everything that the beach brings and all the additional things you might have to pack.

There’s no reason why you can’t travel with your baby, but you will have to be selfless and think about them, just like every day of your life from the moment they’re born. So go travel, be prepared and start creating some cherished family memories.

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