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How to Sync Square with QuickBooks?

How to Sync Square with QuickBooks?

From managing the company’s financial records to filing tax returns on time, everything is being managed by one of the most advanced accounting software. QuickBooks by Intuit is that amazing one. It helps is organizing all the financial data in a systematic manner. It doesn’t manner if it’s a multinational company or a small-medium sized enterprise; it is useful for everyone in the market. It comprises of advanced tools and features which makes the process of accounting fast, easy and error-free. If we talk about an application inbuilt, Syncing Square Application is a one-way integration that helps in importing all the sales transactions from Square into QuickBooks but not vice-versa. Before getting into the steps to sync Square with QuickBooks, let’s read out some pros and cons of doing the same.

Advantages of using Square and QuickBooks online

  1. All the sales, discounts, offers and taxes get automatic updates in the software. 
  2. Once a sale is made, the details of the product and the transaction automatically get captures in the form of an invoice.
  3. All the payments processing fees that are associated with the square application is synced in the form of a custom report created by the QuickBooks software.

Limitations of Square and QuickBooks Integration

  1. Importin the details of the buyer aren’t possible.
  2. The daily transaction summary isn’t available.
  3. Paying for a QB invoice with the help of Square isn’t possible.
  4. A transaction cannot be analysed before importing.

Now, after you know the pros and cons of syncing the Square with QuickBooks online, you can make a call to install it or not. In order to sync Square with QuickBooks online, you can either do it manually or take the help of the expert at QuickBooks support number. Before the process keeps in mind, you check the following things:

  1. Login as an Admin along with single-user mode in QB.
  2. Reboot your computer before the installation.
  3. The QuickBooks software should already be installed in your PC.
  4. The system should have Windows 7,8,10 in order to install the commerce sync.
  5. Open the files that need to be sync during the process of installation.

Method for Syncing Square with the QuickBooks online are as follow:

  1. Sign in to the QuickBooks Online account and go to My Apps.
  2. Now, select the setting under Sync with Square.
  3. Tap on run next to the manual report.
  4. Then, try selecting a data range for transactions which you want to report manually.
  5. And at the end finally, select Run.

Steps to Install Commerce Sync

  1. Start by signing into your Square account.
  2. Now go to the Apps option available in the account.
  3. Then search for the Commerce Sync app and start launching the app.
  4. Click on Allow in order to give them permission.
  5. Now connect Commerce Sync to each location and then download and run the installer.
  6. Once completed, login into your Square account.
  7. Make sure that the QuickBooks Software is also open with the right company file.
  8. Now, tap on Yes in order to continue and then tap on Done.
  9. Finally, start entering your billing details, and your 15-days trial will start.
  10. And lastly, once the sync is completed, open the application once again to review the updated settings.

Hope these steps helped you in reaching the desired destination. You can easily Sync Square with the QuickBooks Online and make your work easier. In case of quick assistance, you can even follow up with the experts at the QuickBooks helpline number, as they are there to give the most suitable solutions. 

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