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How to switch from manual to automation testing?

How to switch from manual to automation testing?

A General thought process of a Manual tester is that “when I get a good job, I will upskill with test automations”. And that unfortunately doesn’t work. Until you do not fill fuel in your car, moving ahead is not possible. Worldwide testing companies are looking for automation testers who have real time experience or at least they would have received training on the tool at a place which make you technically stronger.

Testing world has undergone tremendous change. In the recent times manual testers find difficult to find a good job as manual testing jobs have drastically decreased due to automation demands rising in the industry. Getting skilled in automation testing is not a choice anymore – it has become a necessity.  Getting upskilled in automation testing cannot be done overnight.  Testers life is a continuous learning journey. If you are a tester then regular skilling is a must – only then you can grow and get best opportunities in your career.

Testers generally avoid learning automation and want to spend their career in manual testing alone and do not like to learn something new. But changing times and demand of Companies make it hard for the testers to survive. To get their careers in secure position they up skill with automation programs. To have a strong foothold in Software testing industry, it is crucial to commit your time in training yourself with new tools and technology.  If you decide to make a switch from Manual Testing to Test Automation then definitely your serious time and effort has to be put in.

The first step to move into test automation is Selenium. Selenium automation tool demand has grown with each passing year and almost every Software Company has selenium automation requirements. Selenium being an open source tool has gained popularity because of its easy access. Moreover, Selenium’s  super features like – it supports multiple browsers, easy to implement, has a huge user community support for any problem facing situation with regard to this tool makes it one of the topmost automation tool picked up by software companies worldwide.   

While learning selenium plan to implement it paralleled in your current project and try automating the manual project you work on. This will give you exposure and confidence on your learning. Along with Automation you should also spend time on practicing programming as well. Automation journey is made easy if you have programming skill. Also, organizations are now hiring testers who also are good in programming.

If you want to be hired by top MNCs with good salary package – do not wait for right time and situations to upskill. Get enrolled in a training centre which provides you real time experience in automation. I would suggest you to the best place for automation testing program – TestLeaf. They create a program schedule which is as per the current market trends and standards. Their Selenium training in Chennai is the best you can get anywhere. Their curriculum covers basics of programming and automation selenium and then progress to advance concepts that covers in-demand frameworks like TestNG, Cucumber etc. They make you technically proficient by providing you real time projects, 100+ home assignments, complete practical sessions in the classroom and each concept is explained with examples. They also coach you on interviews and support you to effectively rebuild your resumes. If you put in your 100% effort with their training program you are sure to bag 4-5 offer letters in your hand after the training. They have 80% success ratio in every batch. TestLeaf’s google reviews (1.5k+ reviews) tell the story of hard-work and commitment of their expert mentors towards the people who train under them.

So, friends just remember – online videos, tutorials, articles will only provide you theoretical knowledge.  Getting in-depth real time knowledge of selenium tool can be achieved only through centers like TestLeaf. Practice what you learn and implement it in real world. Experience is the key in Test Automation. Wish you a fantastic automation journey!

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