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How to Study During the Lockdown?

How to Study During the Lockdown?

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to some of the most unprecedented conditions around the world. The worldwide lockdown that has been done prevents its spread is unheard of throughout the history of mankind. Many activities have been postponed in the wake of it. Competitive exams like GATE have also been postponed. This is a good time to prepare for these exams since you have a lot of free time during the lockdown which you might not get again.

Let us see what you can do to study more effectively:

Declutter your study: To make effective study marathons, keeping your things organized and removing the distractions can help you study and concentrate better. Also, chose a spot such that it is not frequented by family members as it might cause a distraction.

Make a schedule: Making a timetable can help you focus on everything equally. Many entrance exams may come after the termination of lockdown. Out of that ISRO Recruitment will be open shortly so it requires rigorous scheduling of study to perform well.

Joining online classes: You can consult with your peers and join online classes that prepare you for GATE, for example, as sitting in class forces you to focus even when you don’t feel like studying.

Make your family aware: Communicating your study schedule to your family can help you concentrate better as they are less likely to disturb you if they know you are studying.

Focus and overcome distractions: Being able to focus, results in more fruitful studies with better subject knowledge gained. Using light music to drown outside noises might be a good idea to help you study better. Do not forget to take short breaks to rejuvenate your senses.

Reward your hard work: ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’. Hence, if you achieve your daily study target, reward yourself with things you enjoy, like online gaming sessions with friends or watching a movie, help keep you motivated for further sessions.

Exercise: Exercising not only keeps your body but also your mind fit. Thus, regular exercise can help score better in your exam. 

Goal setting: Setting up goals to cover topics daily is a good idea as you have something to work towards. It is important to set realistic goals and not overburden yourself, to make the most out of your study sessions.

Group Study: Everyone enjoys group study sessions. Inviting your friends on video calls to study not only makes it more fun, but your friend might solve that difficult question of previous year ISRO Recruitment paper which you have been stuck at for the past few hours, making it a more productive way to study as well.

Things You Must Remember During Quarantine Studies:

One must always keep in mind the seriousness of the outbreak. Minimizing contact with people other than your family members is the most effective way to keep you safe. Even if you have to go out, to get supplies, for example, cover your face with a mask and wash your hands thoroughly upon returning home. Also, under no circumstance, go to your friends’ house for preparation to prevent COVID-19 spread. Use phone or video calls to communicate with them instead. The best way to dodge COVID-19, after social distancing, is building better immunity. Eating healthy food can help you to get better immunity, so make sure you consume them as well. 

One must limit their time spent on unproductive tasks like watching television or scrolling through Instagram feed and focus more on studying. Developing healthy hobbies can make you a better all-rounder as well. 

You Decide:

Coronavirus pandemic is an international threat. Everyone is affected by it. It is upon you to make the most of this free time you have in its wake. Devoting more and more time to productive tasks like studying or developing your hobby should be your goal. It is important to prepare for competitions now because if you do not, others will since they too have this free time. Limiting the time spent on Social Media like Instagram, Facebook or watching Netflix/ television, etc., and devoting more time to studies and hobbies can help you emerge victoriously and ace the competitive exams once this threat has ended. 

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