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How to Spy on Cell Phone with Android Spying App?

How to Spy on Cell Phone with Android Spying App?

Cell phone devices are the most popular technological devices worldwide and today people desperately want to get their hands on android smartphones no time ever before. Android lovers are everywhere in the globe due to its multiple types of cell phone devices and the particular operating system has made its way to the next level. You can use android cell phones and gadgets and get its exciting features.

Today, people from all ages have android mobile phones and gadgets such as kids, tween, teens, adults and older ones. Dramatically, teens are the most regular users of these devices and they are second to none.

 In addition, at business organizations, employers prefer to equip their employees with android cell phones and gadgets for various reasons such as communication between them, to deal with the customers and to perform multiple operations. People also use these devices to have text and voice conversations with their loved ones.

Therefore, plenty of groups of people really want to spy on a cell phone and they are desperate wants to have android spying app to get the job done. The problem starts when they go for free android monitoring software that could be malicious and risky for their cell phones. All you need to do is to get your hands on the android phone tracking app.

Install Mobile Phone Spying App for Android on Target Device

You want to spy on someone’s Android mobile phone then you need to have a high –tech tool to do that. So, use your personal cell phone device or PC and connected it with the internet. Use the browser of your device and visit the official web page of the cell phone tracking app. Once you have found the page performs a few steps given below then you will be able to get what tools to do surveillance on the cell phone.

Step 1: Subscribe for phone spying software for android

The very initial step you need to do is to subscribe for spying software for android cell phone. Get the credentials through an email sent to you at your given email address. One you the credentials perform another step given below.

Step 2: Get Physical access on Android Cell phone

Now you need to have physical access on the target mobile phone and once you have it start the installation process. Furthermore, when you have done with it you can activate it on the target device. However, when you are about to act for activation a pop –up appears on android screen. You can use pop –up message assistance and further you can hide the android phone spying software on the target device and complete the activation process.

Step 3: Use Credentials & Get access to the web portal

Use the pass code and ID and get access to the web portal and find out tools that empower you to spy on the target mobile phone device convincingly. Let’s discuss all the tools you need to get the job done.

Step 4: Use phone monitoring app tools monitor android

Live Screen recording

The end user can get access to the electronic web portal and you can use live screen recorder software. It certainly enables you to record the screen of the target cell phone in terms of short back to back videos and send to the online control panel. User can record the screen of a phone in terms of live Chrome screen recording, SMS, YouTube, social media, email, and passwords. User can view the recorded videos of the screen by getting access to the dashboard.

IM’s logs without rooting

You can remotely get the logs of all the trendy instant messaging apps running on the target mobile phone device. User can get the logs of the social messaging apps in terms of messages, chats conversations, audio video conversations, shared photos, videos and last but not the least Voice messages.

Call recording        

User can record live android phone calls no matter what these are incoming and outgoing using secret call recorder for android. You can further save the recorded live calls data to the electronic web portal.

Text messages monitoring

User can monitor messages on an android sent received with text messages spy app. However, user can see SMS, MMS and heads up notifications.


The end user can use mobile phone spying software and get access to the target cell phone device of Android OS and lets you know all the activities happen on the target device. You can also check complete theonespy review for more details.

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