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How Can You Set Up A Skype Account?

How Can You Set Up A Skype Account?

Skype provides a number of useful features that make it be known as an important communication service. When people are at a distance, Skype makes them come closer by way of audio or video calls. Even for business purposes, it is very useful. You can participate in conference calls and make business-related deals. In order to acquire all the useful features, you need to set up a Skype account. To do this, you can also consult the technicians by calling at the Skype Technical Support Number.

Skype offers a great way to interact with your family, friends or relatives on a daily basis if you are at a farther distance from them. it is really easy to use the account, edit information or make calls through internet.

Here are the simple steps that will help you create a Skype account for yourself:

  1. Go to Skype’s website and you will see the home page first.

2. Click sign-in option given at the top-right corner and it will provide you with a drop-down menu.

3. Click on sign up option given at the bottom of the menu and just to the right of ‘New to Skype?’ option.

4. Enter your phone number into the given field.

5. You can enter your email address instead of phone number.

6. Then create a strong and easy to remember password into the given text field and then press ‘Next’.

7. In the ‘First name’ and ‘Last name’ text fields, enter your first and last name respectively. If you need any sort of information, you should immediately call the Skype Phone Number.

8. Now verify your email id or Phone number by entering the ‘Code’ that you received on your phone number or email address in the given field.

9. Now fill the Captcha Code which is shown on the screen.

10. Next, you have to upload profile picture or you can also skip it and do it later.

11. You will be asked to test the audio if the microphone and speaker is working properly or not.

12. After this you will be able to add contacts to your Skype account from the suggestions provided.

After the account has been created, you can use it to make audio or video calls or just to send text messages.

You can also edit your Skype account information such as profile picture. To do this, click on the Skype profile and then click on ‘Edit’ option. click on your name, mood or avatar to update them. If you want to change any other information of your account, you need to follow the same process and then click on the edit option.

In case you need help to further use Skype, Skype Customer Service can be reached anytime. They will provide you with the guidelines that will help you fix the problem that you have within minutes. You can make a call from anywhere and at any time whenever you need help regarding Skype. The technical team have only certified experts and well-trained technicians. They can provide you help for all the Skype versions such as for Windows, or mobile.

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