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How to Setup Fishing Inflatable Kayak

How to Setup Fishing Inflatable Kayak

Fishing is the greatest thing that people most love to do. If the fishing is on the inflatable kayak, it might increase the fun and better experience. Probably the most crucial fact is how much space the kayak has to maintain the setup. If you are a newbie in an inflatable fishing kayak, the fishing setup might be a sort of hard to you. But there’s nothing to be worried about.

Well, I have come with some tips that should help you to set up an inflatable fishing kayak. Besides, as a newbie, you will get some crucial information that might help you in the water and fishing experiences with an inflatable kayak. 

In this article, I’m going to share my experiences that can meet your needs and help set up your board as much perfect as I have done. Though there’s a massive resource in which you can get lots of things to know, however, my fishing inflatable kayak experience could help you to get some basic stuff. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

Quality kayaks 

First of all, make sure your inflatable kayak is ready for fishing. It means you must pay attention to ensure the board comes with reinforced materials. And the kayak must have the capability to perform a wide range of water conditions such as surf, salt, and rocky bottom.

Anchor system 

You will need a stationary position when it comes to fishing. The anchor system is the must-have thing to control the kayak while fishing. The system comes with a line that runs through the pulley to runs the length of the kayak and includes carabineer attached to the line. It allows you to understand where the anchor is dropped down from the kayak. 

When it comes to installing the anchor system, all you have to do is you need to create a fishing line through the deck fitting. And add the pulley with it and the carabineer as well. 

You might be confused with the short tricks; however, when the kayak is on your hand to be installed, it feels more natural and quick as much as I have said. Thanks to having the fishing hole, you will be able to fix it with more ease. 

Rod Holders 

There’s one more thing is the rod holders, which is the most crucial fact in the kayak fishing. So, make sure you have the rod holders based your needs. If you need to have one rod, you can install it to the right behind the cockpit. And if you want more as two or three to install, you will be able to fit them in front of the cockpit. However, make sure the rod holders are installed out of the way of the paddle stroke. The wide kayaks might be drilled when it comes to installing, but in case of an inflatable kayak, you can attach a gear track adapter to fix it. I think it’s quite easy.  

Carrying Crate

I think the most exciting thing in setup fishing inflatable kayak is the carrying crate. It helps carry your gears. Many people make the crate themselves and attach to the kayak through a pair of bungees. As I mentioned before, before setting up the board, make sure how much space you have. The carrying crate needs to be installed behind the cockpit of your kayak.

Final words

These are the crucial things that I described in the entire article. There are so many sources to get favorable knowledge about how to setup fishing inflatable kayak, however, I hope this article is going to help you when you are a newbie and want to start kayak fishing. 

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