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How to select the Right Air-Conditioning System For Your Place

How to select the Right Air-Conditioning System For Your Place

Temperature is going up day by day and it is making difficult for us to live life comfortably. Air conditioning system is the best option among all cooling devices available in the market. It is an affordable and energy-efficient solution for cooling the indoor rather than using two or three fans in different rooms.

If you want to sustain your life with comfort even when the temperature is shooting high then we can help you in finding the right air-conditioning system.

There are millions of options are available for sale. Do you know that how much amount spend by various households in annual utility bill for air conditioning? It is around 13 percent of their total annual utility bill.

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It is really important to find the right system for your home or workplace.  Finding the right fit for your place is a difficult task. The small air conditioner may not be able to cool your room adequately and large air conditioner may quickly do it and doesn’t remove the moisture adequately.

All Air Conditioning Systems Are Different

Testing your room AC

Professionals do some initial room testing. Usually, in this testing, the air-conditioning system performed is observed in a special climate-controlled region. In this region, three different sizes of ACs are tested—small, medium, and large. After that, check the exact size of the room where each air-conditioning system can perform up to the mark. Professionals set the temperature of the air conditioning system at 90° F, and then they observe that how much time is required to cool down the temperature of the room by 15° F. They also determine how good Air-conditioning holds the set temperature. In addition to these tests, the noise level is also checked and observed how much noise is produced by the air conditioning system on the lowest and highest settings.

Guide to purchasing the air-conditioning system


Identify how much energy consumed by different cooling systems. Lower energy consumption and high-output is the best choice. Air conditioning Sydney offers you the high cooling with minimum consumption of energy.

Observe the Noise Level

Noise may disturb the peace inside your home or workplace and cooling system with high-noise level will create annoying sound during day and night. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for those air-conditioning systems that have scored Excellent or Very Good in noise tests and can do the operation quietly. Ducted Air Conditioning Sydney provides low noise cooling units.

Choose the right Capacity

Now, the right capacity of the air-conditioning system plays a vital role in the final selection. Do you know that the air conditioner capacity measuring unit is tons?  Well, here tonnage unit system doesn’t refer to the weight of the system but it refers to the rate by which the air-conditioning system cools down the room temperature. Broadly speaking, a large room area requires a higher tonnage cooling system.

The more precise way to identify the right capacity of air-conditioning required at our place is by considering BTU (British thermal unit). BTU is the standard measuring unit for precise measurement of air-conditioning systems. More BTU directly implies a higher cooling rate of the air-conditioning system. BTU can be converted into tons; 1 ton equals to 12000 BTU. According to international standards, 20 BTU is required per square feet. But conditions are applied on this standard and it may vary according to the surrounding temperature and other factors.


Along with capacity and energy-efficiency, filters used in the air-conditioning system also an important factor to consider. It is imperative to find out types and number of filters installed in AC.

Most of the air-conditioner comprises anti-bacterial filters that not just remove the dirt and dust but also filter out harmful particles and create a healthy environment.


All air-conditioners have a flap to direct the airflow as per requirement. It can be manual and automatic. But you must go for remote controlled flaps to direct the airflow.


You should prefer Air-conditioner which has a remote control system and digital display. This will help you in controlling various features from a remote location. Timer mode should be available so that your AC will turn off after fixed time and you sleep without any worry. An advanced feature like sleep mode must be present, it will not only make your sleeps sound and comfortable but also helps in reducing energy bills.

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