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5 Effective Ways to Secure Your Laptop While Traveling

5 Effective Ways to Secure Your Laptop While Traveling

While one of the significant perks of the laptop is portability, no one can deny the fact that traveling with your laptop is always a risky business. 

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Some of us can’t even think of traveling without a laptop, and even if you are going on a vacation, you will need your laptop to keep you entertained in those secluded mountains. 

According to the Kensington survey, 52% business manager often leave their laptops with a stranger because of various situations. Needless to say, entrusting your laptop to a stranger further increases the chances of laptop theft.

But fret not, by taking some simple steps mentioned in this article, you can certainly lower the chances of your laptop being stolen. Here’s how!

1. Get it covered!

Laptop-specific travel bags are ideal for carrying laptops while traveling. Laptops cost some pretty bucks, so it is highly recommended to invest in top quality, soft-padded laptop bag that can withstand unexpected bumps and bangs. Ideally, get a TSA compliant laptop bag so you can run it through a security scan without taking out your laptop.

Moreover, a tamper-resistant and scratch-proof laptop bag will make your precious laptop even more secure, at least physically.

2. Keep It Locked

Locking your computer is the most logical thing to do if you fear for its safety. You can get a cable lock and use it while you are in a public place. Unfortunately, cable locks are easily cut-able and are not very reliable. Investing in a more sophisticated lock with a motion sensor and an alarm system will give you more peace of mind knowing that if someone tries to steal your machine, an alarm will alert you.

3. Get a Tracking Software

It is not always a thief that can steal your laptop; sometimes, your bad memory is to blame. Installing tracking software like LoJack, Prey, etc. can help you track the missing notebook. It is best to register on the tracking software before the trip.

4. Back-Up and Be Safe

The data breach and loss of data can sometimes cost you more. If you have valuable data stored on the laptop, it is in your best interest to back it up on the hard drive or in cloud storage. It is always good to wipe out sensitive data like your bank account details, home addresses, and other confidential data before you travel. That way, even if the laptop is lost, you won’t have to worry about the data breach and possible consequences.

5. Go For VPN When Using Public Connection

Using public internet while traveling can pose certain security threats. To make sure your data is secure while you are shopping online and making transactions, installing a good VPN should be your priority. By using a VPN- no matter which network you use- you will rest easy knowing that no one is stealing your sensitive data or spying on you. With a VPN installed, you can browse or shop comfortably, even using the open internet connection at the library, café, or even in your hotel.

6. Know Your Laptop Inside Out

Here is another neat trick to help you with the safety of your laptop! Keep an inventory of your laptop’s specific details i.e., any distinguishing details such as a scratch or any carvings, etc. Moreover, Jott down your machine’s model no, serial number, and other hardware details that can come in handy, in case you have to lodge a complaint in the police station for the theft. Ideally, take a clear picture of your laptop, so there is no doubt about the ownership of your valued laptop.

7. Keep Your Eyes Open

You need to stay vigilant at all times if you decide to travel with your laptop. Always stay alert when you are out using a laptop in public. If you leave it unattended for a while and get distracted, know that this is the best opportunity for a light-fingered thieves to snatch it away. Laptops are thief-magnets, for the reason that they can be stolen pretty quickly.

Additionally, hide your laptop while traveling by car. DO not leave it in plain sight even if you are stepping out for a few moments. And if you have to leave the laptop in the car, make sure to hide it discreetly under the seat or in secret compartment so that no one can spot it easily.

Bottom line

Losing a laptop can be a great source of stress and financial loss for most people. By following the above simple steps, you can significantly increase the security of your laptop and decrease the chances of it being stolen.

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Jeff Finder is a Digital Nomad who travels around the world and blog about technology, gadgets and specifically laptops at He’s also an international speaker and love to persuade youth to find their voice online and make it count.

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