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How To Resize Images Easily Using Image Resizer Tool?

How To Resize Images Easily Using Image Resizer Tool?

Clicking pictures and posting them online has become a new trend in today’s life. And why not, after all with all the new developments in technology it is easier and fun all in one. You can be in one part of the world, and your friends somewhere else can easily look at those amazing places you are visiting, the new people you meet, the exotic, delicious food you are having. 

We have listed the best image resizer software for windows that will help you to resize images without compromising quality. 

Why You Should Resize Image Online Before Uploading Them To Your Website?

There are several online free tools that you may use to resize your image without losing the preferred quality; you just have to search for “free tools to resize images,” and several such options may appear. Some of them may be better than others, on the basis of public usage stats, there have been some tools over others that we would like to tell you about.

Sit back, relax, and let us tell you how you may solve your resizing problem easily and quickly with desired results. We are providing you with some ways in which you could try resizing a picture without losing its original quality:

  • Simple Image Resizer- It is a free online resize you can use to resize your images without losing quality.
  • Search for
  • Click on the select image and choose an image of your choice you want to resize
  • Define the new dimensions or a percentage of the new size
  • Click on resize
  • You may download the newly resized image after it is ready.

There are many tools to resize image online, however, we have mentioned the best image resizer tool that will help you to resize image without compressing image quality.

Best Tool To Resize Images Easily Using Image Resizer Software

One of the best image resizer tool for Windows. This tool will resize images, retain the quality and also reduce or expand the size for optimum resolution.

Image Resizer Software

Most of the Image Editors tools enlarge pixels or reduce the size of photos. However, software is different from all the Image Resizer for Windows software available in the market. This tool is specifically designed with more focus to expand/reduce file size with no visible quality loss. 

With advanced features, you can rotate, resize, rename, convert file formats of single & multiple images in one-go without compromising the quality.

Features – Image Resizer For Windows

  • User-Friendly or Handy Interface

With a classic and handy interface to rescale single or multiple photos in one shot.  You can add multiple photos or an entire folder for editing or you can drag and drop images for quick alterations.

  • Batch Images or Edit Single for Quick Resizing

Apart from Image file format and Image Resizer, it allows you to adjust the photo size effectively. This tool smart design will ensure that no quality is compromised during the process, irrespective of altered size.

  • Adapt Correct Image Orientation

Images with inaccurate orientations can create visual annoyance. It comes with a bunch of features & options to automatically correct wrong orientation. You can easily flip, rotate or set custom width & height of images with suitable options.

Additionally, you can also use this amazing photo resizer to rename single or multiple images at once.

  • Save Images In Different Name, Paths, and File Formats

To convert file formats for bulk photos, Image Resizer is a perfect solution for you. You can easily change the file format to JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, and other popular formats without any hassle.

  • Details or Log Reports of Images

This tool is designed to automatically provide all the properties of each image rescale sessions. You can easily check all Original Image Size, Changed Size, Conversion of File Format, Total Space Saved and much more.

  • Pre-Set Settings

One of the most useful features of the Image Resizer tool provides to its users so that you can edit or check images quality.

This tool allows you to set all your editing settings in one file, which can further be used to edit more bulk images in one go. You’ll be free from applying the same setting to each picture.  Choose the predefined dimensions & save your time & effort for quick rescaling.

How To Use Image Resizer?

  •  Download and Install Image Resizer software on your system
  • Add all Photos or a particular Folder 

How To Use Image Resizer?

  •  Download and Install Image Resizer software on your system
  • Add all Photos or a particular Folder 
 Image Resizer
  • Begin Image Resizing
  • After adding all the Photos or folder, press the Next button to find different resizing options.
Image Resizing
  • Rename or Convert Image(s) 

Before hitting the Next button, you’ll get settings options to change image file formats to .JPEG, .JPG. .TIF, .BMP, .GIF, .TIFF, .PNG. You can also choose the image quality – Low, Medium, High for accurate results.

  • Done, all pictures will be resized in perfect quality.
  • You can check Logs or other details of particular images. 

We have mentioned the best image resizer for Windows that helps you to re-size images without compromising the quality. We have listed the online tool to resize image online and image resizer for Windows software. We would suggest you try both and if you have any suggestions, feel free to mention in the comments section below.

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