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Facebook isn’t a social stage, it is an entire world in itself. It has the capacity to keep you engaged for long whenever you enter this social media giant. It has something for everyone from newbie to old men. This platform is the ocean of entertainment along with knowledge and huge business opportunities.

That’s the reason Facebook itself a world, where people live, meet, talk, get engaged with each other no matter where are you from all you need a Facebook account to access this world. An account makes you a member of the largest online community in the world. A Facebook account kept secure with usernames and passwords. A password is a key to access your account. However, many times users forget Facebook’s password and end up getting stressed as without a password you can’t enter into the account.

But nothing to stress as you are not the only one to do so. Losing access to their Facebook accounts is common for millions of users as it happened. So if you are one of them, go through the article to get the complete information about the recuperation process.

Before jumping into the Facebook recuperation process, you should know why you need it. There can be various situations, for example,

  • Your Facebook account has been hacked and the password has been changed.
  • You have forgotten your password.
  • You don’t remember the username or email address connected to your Facebook account.

There are basically simple techniques that you can utilize for the Facebook Reset Account. Here you will get a clarification of the strategies, you can apply any one according to the convenience.


In the desktop version of Facebook, perform these steps:

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Chose the arrow in front to the lock situated at the upper-right corner and Pick the “Settings“.
  • Chose the “Edit” link subsequent to the “Password” segment.
  • Enter your current password, then type in a new strong password in the “New” and “Re-type New” box.
  • Chose Save Changes.
  • Now your Facebook password is changed effectively.


In the mobile version of Facebook, execute these steps:

  • Go to Facebook and sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Choose the Menu Button placed on the upper-right corner.
  • Roll down and pick the “Account settings“.
  • Select “General”
  • Chose “Password”                                                                                                          
  • Enter your current password, now type your new password in the “New” and “Re-type New” section.
  • Chose the “Change Password” button when you’re ready with the new password.

iOS App

In the Facebook for iPhone or iPad app, execute these steps:

  • Tap the “More” button to be found at the lower-right portion of the display.
  • Pick “Settings“.
  • Chose “General“.
  • Select “Password“.
  • Enter your current password, now type your new password in the “New” and “Re-type New” box.
  • Hit the “Change Password” button 

Android App

From the Facebook for Android app, complete these steps:

  • Open the Facebook app and login into it if you are not already logged in
  • Choose the Menu tap placed at the upper-right corner.
  • Pick “Account settings“.
  • Select “General“.
  • Now select “Password“.
  • Write your current password, then type your new strong password in the “New” and “Re-type New” box.
  • Select the “Change Password” button and now you’re done. 
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