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How To Pick The Right Type Of Horse Saddle

How To Pick The Right Type Of Horse Saddle

Horse riding is not an easy task to do. If you are a horse rider there’s no limit for the love you show your horse. As much as you enjoy the long rides on your horses’ backs, they also enjoy the ride with you. Taking care of yourself wearing boots and learning new ways to keep you safe, even your horse needs to feel the love. One of the types of equipment that you require to have that comfortable journey at the horseback is the use of saddles. Saddles help both you and your horse keep that balance. Saddles come off as one of the most expensive yet needed took in the world of horse riding. In fact, without a saddle, there’s no riding.

What Is A Saddle?

A saddle is a seat for the rider of a horse usually and saddle provides the horse rider the essential maintenance, safety, and control over the animal making it possible for the rider to keep in balance with the horse. Saddles came into action a long time back and it has had a very promising journey throughout.  Most of the time saddles are made from real animal skin, soft to the touch and high in reliability, but in the modern day’s saddles quite contain soft materials yet hard to give the right amount of balance. Different saddles fit different sizes of horses.

Since choosing a saddle is a list of elements to look for, here are some tips to help you out;

Get A Perfect Fit 

Make sure the saddle you choose fits both to you and the horse. Specific availability of size is there to help you or even customizing could be an option. When a saddle does not suit appropriately it can root numerous healthiness and training difficulties with the horse as well as stance issues for you as the rider. The primary feature of the saddle which commands whether it will accommodate your horse or not is the width of the gullet.

Check The Seat

Each saddle has an individual shape, depth, and size.  The seat is usually made of special elastic materials. The saddle’s leather should be soft, durable, and non-slip. At all times seek for good quality leather and pay attention to the texture, the stitches and the fittings-after putting the saddle on to the horse check if the horse feels satisfied with the saddle as some saddles could irritate their skin making them agitated during rides.

If you visit places like Saddlery the saddle options that are available to you are wide.  It is Guaranteed with the perfect finishing touches and inspection. Placing your trust shouldn’t be doubtable. 

Used Or New

This can be a common question to most. Many horse trainers recommend a worn-out saddle on the horse, but it shouldn’t be too worn out as well. Changing the horse saddle for a better one each time increases your safety on one hand for your horse as well, but with designs and textures that are introduced to the market with time, you are requested to have a trial and see what your horse feels happy with.

Chase the winds with us!

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