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How To Packed Contact Lenses While Traveling?

How To Packed Contact Lenses While Traveling?

Travelling can be really stressful, especially when your bag is preoccupied with lots of items. Creating a special space for one more sometimes seems hard. Unfortunately, when it comes to contact lenses, you really need to remember each detail of good eye care. Otherwise, a single item can ruin all your journey and you will miss the most beautiful natural beauties. Here we have few details of contact lens items that need to be packed before travelling.

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Carry Contact Lenses and Solution Consider Switching to Daily Disposable LensesAdd Eyeglasses in BagCarry Solution in Two BagsSqueeze Air Pressure From The BottleKeep Prescription in HandsCarry Sunglasses For Extra ProtectionKeep Container into an Airtight Zip BagDo Not Use Smaller Container to Store Solution

Carry Contact Lenses and Solution 

Dry air can make you feel uncomfortable while travelling. Therefore, carrying a solution in your handbag provides ease to put lenses into the solution and wear them again. If you feel uneasy with the changed lenses, another pair of new contact lenses can help to change while travelling on a plane.

Consider Switching to Daily Disposable Lenses

It is much easier to pack a bag with daily disposable contact lenses than carrying heavy bottles of solutions. Keeping a lens case in a bag is another headache to put and find from packed clothes when required. Therefore, adding high-quality daily disposable contact lenses are the best solution. These keep your eyes hydrated even after wearing for 12hours. This is an idle solution for those who have long-duration flights. Therefore, adding high-quality daily contact lenses are the best solution. 

Put Eyeglasses in Bag

During travelling, you may visit a place where dry air can dry your lenses frequently. It is not safe to visit those places with lenses as there are high chances of allergy and eye irritations. Therefore, putting glasses in your bag as a backup can be a worthy decision. It saves you from tough situations without allowing you to miss any moment. 

Carry Solution in Two Bags

As a say for investment, it is not wise to put all eggs in one basket. Same with eye solution. During travelling, it is not advisable to add a large solution bottle in a single bag. But, for travelling convenience, it’s good to add a solution in two bottles and in different bags. This will save from the worst situation when the solution may leak and before visiting the hotel, you will need to find a medical store to buy the solution. Carrying in two different bags can protect you against leakage and provide comfort to use anywhere. 

Squeeze Air Pressure From The Bottle

There is limited space in the bag to add contact lens solution with other items. Here, squeezing the bottle can save space. Keep in mind; squeezing does not affect the solution as it just removes extra air from the bottle. This also prevents leakage from extra pressure placed from the cabin.

Keep Prescription in Hands

It is best advised to keep a doctor’s prescription in the bag. This can save you from the worst situations like theft or some other mishappening. Keep in mind, if you are travelling to the UK or France, you will be only eligible to buy new contact lens, if you have a doctor’s prescription in your hand. Do not forget to consult with your doctor before planning this trip. In addition, you can also keep a scanned copy of the prescription in email. This can also save you when you don’t have a hard copy of the prescription.

Carry Sunglasses For Extra Protection

Wearing sunglasses in routine is important for eye care. If you are wearing contact lenses and planning to travel, there is nothing better than using sunglasses. Today there is a wide range of stylish designer sunglasses for men and women, wearing them do not allow your lenses to dry and protect those UV rays. It also acts as a perfect style addition with holidays outfit. Traveler can also choose sunglasses based on need, like for street travelling to choose a stylish designer set and for sports, there are sports shades to protect eyes.

Keep Container into an Airtight Zip Bag

The air pressure on an aero plane can cause container leakage. But it is packed in airtight bag and sealed-up well. This can prevent the luggage from getting soaked. You can also choose the airtight zip bag for the safety of the solution. 

Do Not Use Smaller Container to Store Solution

Some contact lens wearer in order to store solution put it into different smaller containers. Keep in mind; it can affect the sterility of the solution. Therefore, it’s good if you buy a traveler size solution kit from drug stores. These are smaller in sizes and perfectly designed for traveler’s needs. Even some of the contact lenses kits have a proper place to add contact lens case and solution.

Have a Beautiful Journey!!!

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