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How to Organize a Successful Yard Sale

How to Organize a Successful Yard Sale

Do you have too much stuff that you find useless and would like to get rid of them and earn some money? Maybe it’s time for you to organize a yard sale. 

Yard sales usually attract many people, especially if you have a lot to offer and if the weather serves you well. These kinds of sales are a siren call for people who are looking for cheaper things, lovers of all sorts of kitsch things and antique seekers. True, it’s a lot of work because you need to sit down and decide what you need and what you’d like to sell but these sales can be motivational for people who want to downsize. Yard sales can be pretty successful if you organize them well and on time, and to do so here are some of the things you might want to consider to make your yard sale successful. 

Prepare Your Items 

The first step when organizing a yard sale is to gather all the items you wish to sell. Sorting things out is quite likely the most stressful part of a yard sale, especially if you’re an indecisive person. To makes things easier, sort things into three categories – keep, sell and donate. If needed, add a recycle or trash category. After that, start cleaning and going through the things room by room and putting them into each category. It will probably take you some time to sort out all the things, days or maybe even weeks to get through your entire home, but it’s a good way to clean up your home and make it more spacious. 

Attract People 

As with any sale – a good marketing strategy is your best friend. There are a few ways how to attract people and spread a word about your yard sale. One of the most popular ways, thanks to today’s technology, is to create an event and share it on your social media accounts so that people can see it and hear about your sale. But, most people will find out about your sale while they’re passing by or driving by your yard. To attract people’s attention it’s advisable to put some nice banner flags that will attract passengers who will eventually come closer to see what’s going on and hopefully buy something from you. Putting sings and banner flags is crucial for your yard sale to make it successful. You can put them an hour or two hours before the sale starts, and place them around your neighborhood. To make things cozier and more fun, you can play some music in the background which will spice up the atmosphere. It’s more likely people will stay longer and buy things if the atmosphere is relaxing enough.

Price Your Items 

After you’re done with sorting things for sale it’s time to price them and pack them into a box. Some people decide not to price things for a yard sale which is easier than deciding how much to price each thing. But, not every buyer enjoys this. Some people don’t like it when there’s no price on things, and then they usually just walk away because it might be too stressful or annoying for them to ask for a price for each item. So, instead of attracting visitors and buyers you’re actually pushing them away and missing out on sales. That’s why it’s better to price everything because that will make things easier both for you and the people who come.

The general rule for pricing is about one-third of the retail price, but this doesn’t have to be a necessary rule. It’s important to look at your items objectively and ask yourself how much you’d pay for a specific item if you saw it at someone’s else yard sale. Remember that people go to yard sales to find good deals and to find things they’d pay less than what it’s worth. 

What to do With Things that Don’t Sell 

It’s quite possible that you won’t be able to sell all the stuff that you were planning to and that you offered at your yard’s sale. Before your sale starts, make sure you think about what you can do with stuff that won’t sell. Some of the options might be: to donate them, to keep them, to give them to the charity or to recycle, if possible. These might be some of the solutions if you’ve already decided to get rid of these things at the yard sale. If your goal is just to sell them and not return them back home, you can sell them for insanely low prices just to get rid of them. On the other hand, if you have some things that didn’t sell but they’re barely used and quality, you can pack them and take them to a resale shop once the yard sale it over. 

Credit Cards 

To make things easier for you and your customers, make sure you accept debit and credit cards. Luckily, with today’s innovative technology you can easily do that if you have a tablet or a smartphone – all you have to do is download the app and swipe your customers’ card. Most people who pass by and who notice your yard sale won’t have cash on them, and they usually don’t stop at a sale for that reason. But it’s more likely they will have their credit or debit cards on them, meaning they’re more likely to stop by and buy something from you.


Yard sales are getting more popular because they’re useful both for people who are selling stuff and their customers. These sales are a great way to have fun while you sell things you don’t need anymore. The most important thing when organizing a yard sale is to organize your stuff and to know your audience so that you can guess what they might want to buy from you. True, the point of yard sale is to sell your stuff, but don’t forget to use this opportunity to have fun with your customers and enjoy yourself.

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