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How to open RAR files on windows 10 or mac?

How to open RAR files on windows 10 or mac?

Well, there are more chances that you’ll encounter a zip file than the RAR file in your daily activities. Both of these file types are great when it comes to compressing files for space-saving. But you must know that RAR offers a lot of advantages over ZIP files. RAR files provide a higher level of compression and also support error recovery. But there is no point in all that if you don’t know how to open and use the RAR files. 

RAR file acts as a data container which stores multiple compressed files. It is also better in comparison to zip file when it is about providing multivolume archives. It employs solid compression technique which ensures that your data is safe and secure. There is no chance of losing data in the process of compression. However, RAR files are also ideal for keeping recovery records so incase any physical damage happens, archive can be repaired easily. The only down point of RAR files is whenever you happen to download it over the Internet, you need to unlock its content which are in compressed form. Before you jump to the process of opening RAR file, have a quick look at the key features:

  • Very strong file encryption 
  • Compression ratio is high 
  • Capable of lost data recovery 
  • Multi-volume RAR Archives
  • Files error correction  

Fortunately, the process of opening the RAR is simple enough for every user from an expert to a novice. Windows users can use the software called WinRAR to play with RAR file types. But, you won’t be able to use it for free, the premium version of the software costs $29. You have to purchase the premium version of WinRAR if you want to utilize the full functionality of RAR files. 

If you don’t want to use WinRAR for your system or it looks too expensive for you, there are other alternatives you can always consider using. Today, we are going to look at the process of how to open RAR files on Windows 10 devices. 

Open RAR files Windows 10

These alternatives will provide you the same functionality which you will get with WinRAR software.

7-Zip – For Windows 

It could be one of the great options for WinRAR, and you have to go to the official page of 7-Zip and download the tool. Then, you should install it on your system, and the installation process is relatively simple. Just follow the on-screen installation instructions for the installation. 

Then, you have to open the tool and browse the RAR file using that. And then, you can double click on the RAR file to access its contents. Or you can also use the properties menu to open the RAR file. You will be able to extract the content of the RAR file once you have access to it. 

7Zip is the best alternative in Windows but you can also get other RAR alternatives such as RAR opener and WinZip. So, you can use any of them to open the RAR files on Windows 10. You may have to shift to a different tool if you are unable to open .rar file on Windows 10.

Now, let’s shift our focus towards Mac OS. For true loyalists of Mac OS, there aren’t many options available but let’s see what you can use to open the Mac Files.

Open RAR files in Mac

People using Mac don’t have many choices as Windows users when it comes to RAR files. But there are some excellent tools available that help you in extracting information from the RAR files. 

Well, the best tool for Mac is Unarchiver; it is one of the top free tools in Mac which enables you to extract information from RAR files and various other file formats such as Zip, Zipx, 7z, Tar, and more. 

To use this tool, you need to follow these steps.

  • First, you have to go to the official website of Unarchive and download the tool from there. Then you have to install it using the on-screen instructions on your Mac Computer.
  • You can select the file types when the first time it launches, and then you can start using it. 
  • Now, you have to go to any RAR file and select it and click on the File menu and then click Open With from the drop-down list. Now, you have to choose the to open that particular RAR file.
  • Now, you will see the contents of the file, and you can use the top menu icons to extract the contents of the file.

Unarchiver is one of the best tools available for Mac but other free tools are also available; you can check them out. 

We hope that you can open RAR file without any hassle after going through above-discussed methods. If you have any other recommendations or query, you can write us by commenting below. 

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