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How to Move Beyond Data Capture to Add Intelligence to Your Business Processes

How to Move Beyond Data Capture to Add Intelligence to Your Business Processes

Business nowadays is rapidly changing. The increase in the competition, along with the changing and growing demands of customers have pressured various organizations to adjust how they deliver services as well as optimize productivity. Big document volumes, lengthy business processes and repetitive admin tasks are killing workplace productivity. 

Companies need intelligent data capture solutions to be able to access data fast to master digital transformation. They should be more agile, efficient, more customer-centric in processes that are data driven to stay on the competitive edge. SharePoint development services help organizations meet their needs. 

The industry expectation nowadays is that intelligent capture software should:

  • Read all information that’s document-based
  • Separate and distinguish various documents received
  • Extricate relevant information
  • Substantiate pertinent information
  • Exchange information with enterprise systems

SharePoint is one platform that helps businesses meet their requirements in this highly competitive business space. 


SharePoint development solution is an effective tool for adding intelligence that helps streamline business processes. Most processes start with an Excel spreadsheet completed by a staff and routed to another employee or the manager. It could be 

daunting to lock down spreadsheet formatting and difficult to keep track on where in the process the spreadsheet may sit. Using a custom list is a great way of boosting business processes with SharePoint. 

The platform also has an application that lets you import spreadsheets to make your list. The app would take spreadsheet columns and turn them to list columns and would also upload rows of content automatically and create them as items in the new list. While this may not be the perfect solution for every situation, it could be a great option to create an easy and fast solution. 

The SharePoint platform is designed to truly get an organization to a central place where they could coordinate. This is especially critical for companies that are not connected geographically. The platform has been used for some time now, but the demand for SharePoint development services continues to rise. 


To classify, extract, validate and direct business critical data automatically from incoming operational processes and customer communications, it’s imperative to have a highly universal and scalable enterprise capture platform. An intelligent capture software comes with numerous features, which boost process transparency, performance and workload predictability in a most significant manner. 

An intelligent data capture warrants companies to label and process paper and digital documents that come from different sources in one flow. The platform is designed to cover a huge range of processes that are document-based across organizations. Furthermore, organizations could even train the intelligent capture platform for processing flexible or irregular document layouts, adapt and improve the data extraction algorithms continuously. 

Capture software evolved to seize the required capabilities for automated capture of all kinds of documents. Through leveraging learning, data and rules, an intelligent capture software hastens processing, lowers expenses, drives downstream systems and boosts quality, like ERP and workflow.Nevertheless, success of the initiative hugely depends on careful planning and preparation. Enlisting the help of a competent provider, such as a SharePoint development company facilitates a faster return on investment. 


A Business Intelligence site is a SharePoint website specifically designed for BI Content, including reports, scorecards, data connections and dashboards. There are distinguished characteristics that set it apart from other SP sites. The characteristics include prebuilt libraries and lists designed in particular for Business Intelligence content, PerformancePoint Services content access for customers in on-premises, as well as links and sample files to helpful information regarding BI tools.


The rising demand prompted Microsoft to add BI features to the SharePoint platform. The features help in moving beyond data capture to add intelligence to business processes.

1. Excel services. Using Microsoft Excel in organizing, presenting and editing data in smaller volumes, the great news is that centralized business intelligence could be adopted easily. Instead of attaching Excel data in email, with the appropriate security measures, it could be published in a SharePoint document library. Employees could see data easily and use it accordingly.  

2. Visio Services. It was added to SharePoint in 2013 to help with data visualization. The various features make it possible to form detailed diagrams. Diagrams have high resolutions for users to look and interact without a local visio. The diagrams could be extended seamlessly with web part connections and JavaScript that boosts user experience.

3. SSRS. The SQL Server Reporting Services is a hot topic among enterprises. Programmers, as well as IT experts have built structured reports published with the help of a controlled SP sites environment, which provide great user experiences.

4. PerformancePoint Tool. A strategic tool for data and analysis that could be used with on-core premises data and analyzing it as presented on the dashboards. Users could make sensible business decisions with the deep integration with a data warehouse. Furthermore, the core components allow web parts to be added to SharePoint for web services.

5. PowerPivot. The tool became part of SharePoint in 2013. Tied to Excel Data, it provides maximum charts control and also makes it possible to pivot data seamlessly.  

6. Power BI. Makes it possible to share data with staff and employees on numerous devices. The great part is that the data could be collected and could be imported to Excel.

Microsoft had made it possible for organizations to use the SharePoint platform for Business Intelligence. 


Bentley Raynot working as a digital transformation and business strategist at TatvaSoft UK. He has help many businesses with his change-oriented mindset and collaborative skills. Besides his profession, Bentley likes to share some new and trending technical aspects. Please visit here to know more about his company. 

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