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How to Measure Noise Level on Any Smartphone

How to Measure Noise Level on Any Smartphone

Smartphones today are capable of doing many things that were impossible a few years ago for a device. The development of technology over the years and improvement in Artificial intelligence has led to the production of smartphones with extraordinary capabilities.

A smartphone is similar to a computer that can take instructions, process the information, and deliver results within seconds. The present smartphones are equipped with several sensors like microphones, accelerometers, proximity sensors, light sensors, and GPS. Let us know how to measure noise levels using a smartphone.

Apps to measure the noise on a smartphone

A smartphone needs an app in addition to the hardware and sensors to perform any task. Users need to install a noise measuring app to measure noise levels on their smartphones. Some apps are free, while others may ask you to pay to download and offer you a validity of one or two years. The apps in this post are some of the popular noise measurement apps. Here is the list of best android and iOS apps to help you measure noise in your surroundings.

Decibel X

Decibel X is a highly rated app that can turn your Android or iOS phone in the noise measuring device. The app had a measurement range of 30 to 130dB. Decibel X comes with multiple features to measure the level of sound intensity around you. The app has an easy to use interface that allows you to use it easily on your smartphone. You can use it on both android and iOS devices.

Sound Meter Pro

The Sound Meter pro can detect the sounds in your proximity and show the result in decibels as well as on a graph. As the microphones in Android phones record human voices, the app cannot recognize the levels of noise above 100dB. However, the Sound Meter pro app is available only for android phones, not for iOS.

SPL meter

If you want an app to use both on android and iOS phones, you can use SPL meter. It is a high-quality app with various ranges, ballistics, and filters. It uses the microphone of your device to catch the sound and measure it as a sound press level value. The app is pre-calibrated, but users can calibrate it for most smartphones and other mobile devices. It shows a green color indication for safe and red for dangerous noise levels.

NIOSH Sound level meter

The NIOSH sound level meter is an app that is a powerful tool for people who work in noisy areas. The app runs only on iOS devices and can help employees to measure the noise levels in their work environment. It makes the employees aware of the noise levels in their surroundings and makes the right decision for their health. The professionals and researches also use the NIOSH sound level meter app to measure noise exposure and collect data for research.

Sound Meter and Noise Detector

If you want an easy to use the app to measure noise on your android phone, you should use the Sound Meter and Noise Detector app. It shows the results in decibel units on n easy to read dial. You can check the time for which you were exposed to noise and the noise reference with the history function. For example, you were in a noisy street; the history function enables you to measure the time of exposure to noise.

Too Noisy Pro

Too Noisy Pro app was explicitly designed to measure noise levels in areas where there are children like schools and playgrounds. Teachers can use the app to keep an eye on the classroom sound levels and control the same. The interface is simple and designed to enable kids to respond, showing noise levels in a fun and engaging manner graphically. Teachers and other childcare workers can change the app’s responsiveness with the sensitivity using the dampening sliders.

Final Words

These are some apps to measure the noise level on a smartphone. However, you need to check whether an app is compatible with android, iOS, or both categories of devices. You can download and use any of them depending on your smartphone and version of the operating system on your device.

The latest version of these apps might not be compatible with outdated Android and iOS systems. However, these apps can help you measure the noise levels at any place so that you can take measures to protect yourself from the harmful effects of noise. Individuals and organizations can make use of noise measurement devices and apps to measure and control the noise levels.


Sound measurement apps can help people and communities to measure the noise levels and control the same to prevent its harmful effects on health and society. Smartphones can help any individual to check the noise levels and minimize them to create a peaceful environment.

Author Bio: Emily Bartels is a content writer at Stop Noise. She enjoys writing on various topics mainly associated with Home Improvement, Technology and Lifestyle. Her famous articles are on the topic of Home Improvement, Technology and many more.

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