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How to Master Leadership in a Digital Business

How to Master Leadership in a Digital Business

Good leadership has always been essential in business and it is perhaps even more so today. The reason behind this is that in the digital world, sometimes it is easy to lose track of perspective and to give your bare minimum since you don’t feel attached to the company you worked for. This disinterest stems from not having a figure before you who will show the employees that they are a part of the company and that everyone’s work is crucial in the grand scheme of things.

People look up to leaders to motivate and guide them and if you don’t have that strong figure which will monitor, reward and sanction, your company may not fail but it will certainly not prosper and expand to the full of its potential. The extent of a leader’s reach expands even to the customers since the loyal customer base is built not only on the quality of the product or service but on the charisma of the person behind the brand as well. With that in mind, here are a few skills that you will need to master in order to become a strong leader in the digital arena.

Impose your vision

The journey to learning how to impose your vision upon others starts with a strong faith in yourself and the vision. If you doubt it, nobody else will believe it either. People have been known to be convinced even in the things they didn’t care for with just a few right words of an inspiring speaker. The next step is to relay your message to your employees because they are the ones who will be breathing life into your vision.

And now, the customers. If you go out in front of them with self-confidence and a strong belief in your business vision, backed with your team of ardent employees, they will have no choice but to fall under the spell and try your product. Similar to purchasing products that their favorite celebrities and social media influencers use, people would also feel inclined to buy something that a charismatic leader stands behind.

Communicate effectively

Being the face of a digital company, you would need to know how to approach whom and via which communication channel. It is not enough to convey the message clearly because not everybody will enjoy a direct approach which might cost you a partner or supplier. To be able to communicate efficiently, you need to master a few soft skills along the way.

If you are establishing contact with a partner for the first time, it is advisable you prepare by learning as much as you can about them. By doing this, you will learn whether they prefer you to be formal or informal, whether they prefer direct contact or emails and other useful information which can help you communicate effectively. It is also a good idea to work with a professional design agency such as Persuaders who can help you craft persuasive pitch decks and presentations that will impress your potential partners. That way, you will ensure that you’ll effectively get your message across, but also keep your presentation well design and on-brand.

Educate yourself thoroughly

Working in a digital environment entails thinking globally and communicating with many individuals from different cultural backgrounds. If you are searching for a foreign partner, expanding your business or opening a branch in another country, it is essential you educate yourself about that country, its culture, and its laws and regulations.

So, if an unexplored but quite promising digital market caught your interest, you would need to learn the business structures which are acceptable there. In situations like these, however, it would be wise to consult with trusted local agencies to know your rights and obligations instead of making some error and losing precious capital.

Take calculated risks

An adventurous spirit is also one of the desirable characteristics of a great leader. Although not every risk can be calculated, it is also crucial for a leader not to be overly impulsive since that can be detrimental for the business. One impulsive bad decision leads to another and soon your employees will be wondering about the direction your business is taking.

As an example of a risk which paid of, we have the Instagram – Snapchat story. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, after he acquired Instagram, has introduced Instagram stories although he was accused of copying Snapchat stories. This was a risk but we stand witness of how popular Instagram stories are in the digital world, even more so than Snapchat. If you are not ready to take any risks, there can be no innovation and improvement, which is harmful to a digital business.


Some people are as we would say, natural-born leaders – they are extroverts who are usually eloquent and self-confident. However, such people can also be overly passionate and therefore reckless which is not a good trait for a leader of any business.

On the other hand, there are people who are not extroverts but who can express themselves clearly and charismatically if they need to but they can lack a streak of confidence in order to motivate a larger mass of people. So, among all these traits, you need to find the right balance and a method with which you feel most comfortable.

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