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How to Make Your Family Road Trip Safer

How to Make Your Family Road Trip Safer

A road trip is great fun for the whole family. You put your bags in the trunk, play music that everyone can sing to and admire the scenery together. But while travelling as a group is enjoyable, you also have to make sure that everyone is safe and well taken care of. And with the following tips, you will make your family trip safer and pleasant at all times.

Perform car maintenance before the road trip

A safe road trip starts with taking your vehicle to the body shop for regular maintenance and repairs if needed. The auto mechanic will check the engine, oil, breaks and all other important parts of the car to make sure they are working properly. Also, make sure to check the air pressure in the tires and see that your spare is in perfect condition. A car tow can be expensive so all these precautions will save you the trouble and money on the road.

Pack the kids necessities before you go

If you have a baby or a toddler, then you will need to keep them constantly entertained with toys, songs, snacks, and frequent breaks. An appropriate car seat is necessary for small children, but bigger kids also have to use seat belts in the back. Pack a bag with necessities like extra clothes, pyjamas, diapers and other things that your kids will need along the way. Use portable refrigerators to prevent food and beverages from spoiling, and equip backseats with tablets so the kids can play games or watch films.

Study the map well

One of the most important things when going on a road trip is to know where to make stops. This means that you should map all the motels, diners and gas stations along the way to take a longer break and relax. Also, make sure to check the weather conditions since heavy rains and extreme heat can cause difficulty to drive.

Take into consideration any works on the road since they may prolong your travel or have you take a different route. Just in case, keep one map on your phone and another one on your GPS device, if you use any, but always have a printed version in your glove compartment. It may come in handy if your battery is low or your phone map is not working properly.

Have more than one car key

It’s hard to predict every detail that might happen on the road, but some things will come in handy. And having an extra set of car keys is one of them. You may lock yourself out of the car or accidentally leave your child or pet locked inside with the keys. But if all these things happen and you don’t have an extra set of keys, keep the number of 24/7 lockout service in your wallet or inside the phone casing. That way you will have plans B and C if this type of mishap happens.

Make sure the first aid kit is up-to-date

First aid kit consists of medicines and devices that should always be within the valid expiry date and working properly. However, it is also important to pack the proper kit for your medical condition as well as your family. For example, if you have small children, toddler or a baby, you need to include medicine appropriate for their age.

It’s always wise to have at least one EpiPen in case someone suffers from allergies or gets stung by a bee. Make sure that items in the first aid kit are unopened like bandages and gauzes since they need to be sterile for proper use. Going on a road trip is also a great time to learn or remind yourself and your partner of the basic first aid methods like CPR and Heimlich maneuver.

Final thoughts

Taking precautions to make your family road trip safer will only make the travels more relaxed and pleasant. Things like car maintenance and mapping the road will eliminate some worries off your chest and give you space to enjoy the road. Just play everyone’s favorite song and sing along to the tune, since the memories begin the moment you start the engine.

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