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How to Make Your Event a Memorable One?

How to Make Your Event a Memorable One?

Audio visual equipment rental services have a considerable impact on any event. Some of the technologies provided by this system are projectors, sound, display, projectors, video, and lighting. To perfect the audiovisual set up of an event, here are a few tips.


Lights and fabrics create a perfect blend when creating spellbinding visual effects. Through fabrication, your event space will develop a sense of magnificence, vivid texture, layer, and vibrant colors. What makes the difference in all this is reflecting off different fabrics. So besides acquiring audio visual equipment rental services consider getting the best quality fabrics and lights for your event. 


The use of bright, bold colors to pass your message is a brilliant idea. Let the light act as a mood booster. Increase the lighting when you feel the audience need to be uplifted. Use wireless lighting option to avoid unnecessary movements. Furthermore, wireless method will prevent your guest from tripping over wires. 

Theme Creation

Want to host your event indoor and maintain the rustic look? Worry no more — you can create a beautiful garden, plants or even flowers with artificial turf. Elements such as sand can be used to create a desert effect. With the right light up and audio, a waterfall look can also be created. All this can create an incredible outdoor look and beautiful visuals for your guests. 

LED Walls

The event industry is slowly adopting the use of these large projections. How about forecasts covering the fall and a whole wall? Such an idea is mind-blowing. Such the best sceneries that can be created by such projections include a waterfall, a beach, hiking trail, and any other beautiful scene. Audiovisual services will help you implement all these ideas in your event. 

Audiovisual Setup Common Failures

All types of technology are prone to failures and so does audiovisuals. You do not want to imagine any failure during your event. However, here are a few failures to expect and possible ways to solve them.

Wireless Microphones

As useful as they are, the equipment is prone to interference, unnecessary noises and at times more severe problems. Without it, the event might be forced to stop. The easiest way to prevent such interference is to have a backup microphone on standby. Also, the AV team should be on standby to deal with such difficulties. 

The Computer System

Before the big day, ensure you test the computer system against the projectors to ensure it works perfectly. Avoid running videos directly from the internet, have them saved on your computer. 


There are two issues that you are likely to encounter with projectors:

  • Poor quality image– Take your time to adjust the resolution of your computer until you find the right image quality.
  • Burned out projector lights– During the first break, replace the bulb. 

Remote Controls

Just like any other wireless equipment, remote controls are prone to fail. Ensure you hold the remote control for 3-5 seconds to the direction of the projector. If you have difficulties controlling this equipment, go through the instructions before. Also, have a backup battery for the remote control.

Power Cut

This is the worst kind of failure during your event. The only way to be secure is to have a backup generator on standby. Figure out everything that could cause power failure, secure everything to avoid this problem. 

Here are some more tips to consider to make your event memorable:

Group Dance

Would you love to surprise your audience? Well, Flash Mob is the way to go. Several people will assemble when no expects, perform a short act before dispersing. Such acts keep the audience energized and anxious for more actions. Through acts, a formal or corporate event turns into fun.  

Beats of Drum Circles 

Such rhythms bring people together. It also makes everyone feel involved in the event. Also, a feeling of togetherness automatically engraves the event. The best time to perform the act is at the beginning and the end of the meeting. 

Magical Performances

Another way of keeping the audience engaged is by incorporating the acts with the company products. Involve some of the audience in act to make it more exciting. Ensure the acts are as short as possible to avoid boredom. 

Skit Act

After every presentation, put up an act that is related to the performance. Use such acts to send the point home. The impact of such an act depends entirely on the performers. 

Jokes by the Anchor

This probably is the most commonly used form of audience engagement by companies. The anchor of your event is a vital figure in the success of your event. Choose an anchor with a high sense of humor. If your event takes a whole day or two, use more than one anchor. 

You would not want the efforts you have put to see through the success of your event go to waste. The last thing you will want is your audience lamenting over the event. Consider the above tips to engage your audience.

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