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How to Make Your Small Rooms Seem Larger?

How to Make Your Small Rooms Seem Larger?

These days, properties are getting smaller and the prices are skyrocketing. However, it is what it is and we simply have to learn how to make the most of our situation. So, in case you’ve also found yourself here, living in an apartment with tiny rooms that often feel cramped and claustrophobic, there are some approaches to make you feel a bit better. While there is nothing we can do to expand the space, we can create the illusion of it appearing larger. Take a look below to find out more.

Incorporate light colors

One step you can take is turning to light colors as they can make any room seem bigger. Seeing as how darker shades simply absorb the light, you should go for white, various hues of off-white, beige, grey and even some pastels like yellows, blues and green. All of these colors are sure to visually enhance the space. In case you are renting and think you will not be allowed to repaint the walls, you can look for self-adhesive wallpapers which are easy to put up and take down once your lease is up.

Find the right carpet

right carpet

Another easy way to make a rental property seem larger is finding the right carpet or rug for the space. To make a tiny room bigger, it’s vital to use one large area rug instead of several smaller ones. The placement is also important as you do not want it touching the walls or being under furniture pieces. The color matters here as well, so look for a rug in a light or neutral shade – try matching it with the wall color as that creates the impression of spaciousness. Furthermore, look for a non-textured lightweight rug, preferably in a solid color and not a pattern. Luckily, stores such as Click Rugs offer a wide variety of rugs, so you will have no problem finding the perfect one.

Get enough light

Lighting is a crucial part of creating the illusion of a bigger space. If possible, try to add as many windows as you can to allow natural light into the room. However, seeing as how this is often not an option, make the most of what you have at your disposal. Lighter walls will reflect the light that you do get, so find some sheer curtains or remove them altogether to let the light in. If the windows are really small, then you need to rely on some creative ways of incorporating artificial lights.

Play with mirrors

Other than bright colors, mirrors are also a great way to distribute the light throughout the space. Their reflective quality will allow the light to bounce deep into the room. Where you place a mirror plays a big role as well. For instance, you can put it across from a window or next to one. Then, you can even create a fake window or passageway which will elongate the space further. Mirrors can also be used on furniture – on wardrobe doors, kitchen cabinets or as the backsplash. If you happen to have a darker wall that you can’t paint over, you can make it brighter by hanging a huge mirror on it or better yet, several smaller ones.

Use multi-functional furniture pieces

Small rooms appear even smaller when there are too many pieces of furniture in them. This is why you need to take the minimalist approach. It’s essential that you look for furniture that can serve several purposes, such as a sofa that can be a bed as well, a bed that has storage drawers underneath, ottomans that can be used as storage and seating, and so on. It’s better to have several big pieces that will be fully functional than to stuff the place with furniture that is not even being used. Finally, in addition to lighter-hued items, you can also try to find some see-through pieces like glass coffee tables, as they will make the space more open.

Avoid clutter

Last but in no way least, avoiding clutter is obligatory for a small space. Unnecessary items just clog the room and suffocate you. Go through everything and see which things you no longer need. This is another area where you should practice minimalism. Keep the décor practical to avoid accumulating clutter, put things where they belong and maintain the tidiness of the space.

Keeping these six tips in mind will surely help your small room appear larger. Remember to cut the clutter, avoid dark colors, let the light in and find the right furniture pieces and your space will seem much bigger than it actually is.

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