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How To Make An Online Prescription In A Pharmacy?

How To Make An Online Prescription In A Pharmacy?

Thanks to the Online prescription, i.e. the electronic prescription introduced in telehealth care in January 2019, the problem of illegible prescriptions is a thing of the past. How to make an Online prescription in a pharmacy and is it necessary to have a smartphone or a computer? Can people unfamiliar with technology have a problem buying medicines?. Get answer for all these questions in this article.

What is an Online prescription?

The Online prescription is the electronic equivalent of a traditional prescription and contains information about medicines prescribed to the patient, stored in the IT system.

Until the end of the year, doctors could issue both traditional paper prescriptions and Online prescriptions, while from January 8, 2020, all prescriptions are issued in electronic form, except in special cases, e.g. system failure.

How to make an electronic prescription?

The doctor issues a prescription and stores it in the IT system

One Online prescription may contain only one medicinal product. It is possible to combine up to five Online prescriptions in the so-called bulk prescription, also known as a prescription package.

A doctor or dentist may prescribe a medicine for a maximum 360-day period on one Online prescription, and a nurse or midwife for 180 days of treatment.

At one time, the patient can buy medicines in the amount intended for a maximum of 180 days of treatment. For the rest, he will have to come back to the pharmacy at a later date.

The deadline for processing Online prescriptions issued in the period from September 7 to December 31, 2019, is 365 days. All Online prescriptions issued after December 31, 2019, are valid for 30 days unless the doctor places a delivery date on the prescription, which cannot be longer than 365 days. The exceptions are prescriptions for antibiotics (valid for 7 days) and narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances (valid for 30 days).

It should be remembered that if the prescription period is longer than 30 days, and the patient purchases prescription drugs for the first time after 30 days from its issue, the prescription is carried out except use days that have already expired.

You receive an Online prescription

You can receive an electronic prescription in 1 of 3 possible forms:

a paper Online prescription information printout, the most important elements of which are the access key to the collective prescription / specific Online prescription in the form of a bar code and a 4-digit code,

An email containing the information printout presented above in the form of a PDF file,

an SMS containing the access key to the bulk prescription / specific Online prescription in the form of a bar code and a 4-digit code.

To be able to receive an Online prescription in electronic form (e-mail, SMS) during a visit to the doctor, it is necessary to log in to the Internet Patient’s Account (IKP) in advance at using the Trusted Profile. If you do not have a Trusted Profile yet, go to, where you will find detailed instructions on how to do it.

You go to the pharmacy

You present to the pharmacist a paper information printout, an SMS received or a PDF document sent by e-mail. To access the list of prescribed drugs, the pharmacist reads the key in the form of a bar code or asks for the 4-digit code and the PESEL number of the person for whom the prescription medicines were prescribed. Warning! You will not find the patient’s PESEL number on the information printout or in the electronic message – you must know it.

How to realize a collective Online prescription?

If you have received a collective prescription containing several items from your doctor, you can purchase medication from individual prescriptions in various pharmacies. In each of them, you enter the same 4-digit access code assigned to a specific collective prescription.

For example – you received a collective prescription containing two items. The first portion includes the medicine container 4 for migraine and the second three-lowering medication package pressure. There is currently no hypertension prescribed by the doctor at the pharmacy. In this situation, you can buy a migraine medicine and go to another pharmacy for the missing position.

If for any reason you want to buy only 1 packet of medicine for a migraine, or if the pharmacy does not have the necessary amount of medicine at the moment, you will have to return to the same pharmacy for the remaining packages during the prescription period.

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