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How To Make Hair Glow With Keratin Hair Treatment

How To Make Hair Glow With Keratin Hair Treatment

Do you want to make hair glow with keratin hair treatment? If so, then you are in the right place!

In this post, we will explain to you how keratin treatment can transform the look of your hair and give you straight & smooth hair. You might be using different shampoos & conditioners to tamed out your unruly hair and get glowing hair, but didn’t get the desired results. But believe us, keratin will work like a miracle on your hair.

Also, we can understand in the busiest world, where you don’t have much enough time to go to the salon & wanted to get it done at your own home, you probably searching for the ways to perform treatment at home.

Therefore, just like incredible salon’s keratin treatment, we come up with unbelievable steps that you can efficiently perform at your own home.

So, stick with us and get to know how you can get straight, smooth, and silky hair at home without going outside.

Steps To Perform Keratin Hair Treatment At Home:

The entire process is followed by some basic steps that are crucial to perform to get shiny & straight hair.

Step 1 – Hair Wash:

Wash out your hair properly to remove unwanted residue. It may eliminate the secondary color from your hair if you have. But you just need to focus on deep washing your hair.

Step 2 – Blow Dry Your Hair:

Next, blow-dry your hair. Dry your hair until it soaks the wetness from the scalp & makes it completely dry.

Step 3 – Divide Your Hair:

Divide your hair into 3-4 parts. Comb each section thoroughly. Pinup your hair with clips to keep parts apart.

Step 4- Prepare the Keratin Mixture:

Now, read the instructions on the product & prepare the keratin mixture accordingly. Make sure you prepare the mix according to the length and volume of your hair.

Step 5 – Apply Keratin On Your Hair:

Wear gloves and apply the keratin mixture on each hair section. Use the comb to spread the mixture on each end of the hair. Cover the keratin applied hair well before moving to the non-applied end. Cover until keratin ultimately settles down into your hair.

Step 6- Set a Posture:

Now, when you’ve applied keratin mixture, sit straight for at least 30 minutes. Hold hair downward and don’t pin up or tuck with clips. Just sit straight & let keratin protein settled into your entire head to get satisfactory straight hair. 

Step 7- Blow-Dry & Iron Your Hair:

Rinse off your hair to get effective results. Blow-dry & then divide hair into different sections. Now comb thoroughly to straighten curls and iron slowly from scalp to end of the hair. Iron until your entire hair gets straight and looks shiny.

Make sure you don’t pin up your hair with the clips. It can lead to producing curls again.

Ways To Maintain Hair After Keratin Treatment:

  • Use Best Hair Care Products:

When you have done with the keratin treatment and have achieved straight, smooth & shiny hair. Next, put your entire focus on its maintenance. Keratin demands more care of your hair. So, use the best & most recommended hair care products.

  • Stay Away From Formaldehyde Chemicals:

Products enriched with formaldehyde chemicals can cause various health issues. Even you can have eye & nasal irritation or harmful allergic reactions to the skin. So, prefer using high-quality hair care products.

  • Don’t Tie Your Hair:

Don’t tie your hair. Avoid using ponytails bands, clips, or pins. If you apply, then it will reduce the effects of keratin & leads to make hair curly and frizzy again. Also, it gets back the straightening shine & keratin’s results from your hair.

To keep hair out of your face, you can use a fabric bandanna. Apart from it, no other hair-tieing accessory you should use.

  • Avoid Heat & Hair Styling Accessories:

Avoid heat & hair styling accessories to keep results prolong. Using styling accessories like iron or blow-dry can harm your hair and make them look puffy & rough, instead of looking glowing & shiny.

●     Keep Curls Away with A Flat Iron:

Apply a flat iron by setting it to about 177°c. Pass it through your hair for the first few days to straighten out the curls as it comes back.

After implementing these ways, you will see keratin beautified straight, shiny, and glorious hair for an elongated time.

So, What Are You Still Waiting For?

Just buy the best keratin hair care treatment kit & perform this ultimate hair straightening treatment at home. You will surely achieve healthy & straight hair. If you are still in doubt and struggling to know many other aspects related to it? Then, stop worrying now!

We’ve also compiled more information about keratin that will surely help you out. Just keep reading below.

  • How Much Keratin Treatment Costs?

A lot of keratin hair care treatment kits available in the market, as per your budget limits, you can purchase the best fit for you. Don’t forget to read reviews & ratings of that kit that you wanted to buy.

  • How Long Keratin Treatments Lasts?

Keratin hair care treatment or smoothing process can last for 4-6 weeks or even 4-6 months. Depends upon the products you use, the effects can vary.

Also, when you got straight & silky hair, don’t miss out on using quality hair care products. Even you should care about your hair more.

  • Which Products Are The Best?

Formaldehyde-free hair care products are the most suitable for keratin hair care.


Concluding all the things, we just wanted to say that after following our mentioned steps, you will definitely achieve straight & smoother hair.

So, stop looking around! Be a hair expert for your hair and transform its look to smooth & lustrous.

We hope you like reading the post. If you have any doubt, let us know in the comment section below.

Author Bio: Felipe R. Lessi working as a hair specialist at “Scaevola” and loves to write blogs for keratin hair repair treatment. He is also running an online store to sell products for keratin hair treatment with name go-Kera. Felipe cares for most trending hair care issues, and he likes to help everyone suffering from damaged hair with new thoughts and ideas.

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