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Tips for the Operator: How to Maintain a Hydraulic Breaker

Tips for the Operator: How to Maintain a Hydraulic Breaker

Maintenance of a hydraulic breaker would go a long way in determining its effectiveness. Here are some of the best ways to take care of a hydraulic breaker.

There are two very important aspects in dealing with machinery equipment — the operation and maintenance of the machine. You need to know about the JCB 3DX parts price and the supplier who provides high-quality products, and they must be well taken care of to maximize their potential.

Maintenance of a hydraulic breaker can well impact the operation that is to be done, especially when it is needed for a large scale operation. With this in mind, it is important to have a well-laid plan on how to manage and maintain the hydraulic breaker. Once this is being paid attention to, the investment on JCB 3DX parts price would not only be effective, they would also be long-lasting.

Here are some things that should be looked into with regard to the maintenance of hydraulic breakers.

Preventing Wear and Tear

A lot of operators and technicians overlook this aspect of maintenance, and it definitely goes a long way in determining how much maintenance work would be carried out. Untrained technicians also tend to mismanage tools — this is why only professionals should be allowed to deal with these delicate machines.

A common example of mismanagement is arranging blocks in the hydraulic breaker by hitting them with heavy weighted tools. This causes a lot of damage in terms of wear and tear in various parts. With this, maintenance of the hydraulic press would be more far-reaching than it should be.

Have the Right Maintenance Tools

Most manufacturers of the hydraulic machines also create specialized tools used to check various sections of the hydraulic breaker. Among the sectors that need this special tool is the lower bushing, retaining pins and the top angle of your breaker attachment. Remove the retaining pins and the breaker tool too and do a thorough inspection for any cracks and also recheck its top angle before re-assembling them. Secondly, insert the tool into the bushing and if it can fully fit in the section’s side to side, consider replacing it with new JCB spare parts for the same.

Visual Inspection Is Necessary

Although most operators underestimate and ignore this step, it is very vital to the survival of the hydraulic machine. This should only take a couple of minutes of your time but you finally find the torn and worn out parts that need replacements. Doing this is necessary for identifying the worn-out parts that could cause a breakdown amid a task and lead to losses or inefficiencies. You should also listen for any weird sounds when starting the machine before leaving the parking lot.

How Are Your Hydraulic Hoses?

Excavators need to have the right size of hydraulic hoses attached to them. Their lengths need to be got right to reduce the effect of wear and tear on the machine and improve its durability. Shorter hydraulic hoses restrict the extension of the attachment when working. Longer hoses, on the other hand, could become disengaged and that limits the machine’s efficiency. Find the standard or correct size of hydraulic attachments today and improve the efficiency of your machine.

Know When to Stop Using Hydraulic Breaker

The handling of hydraulic press determines its longevity — hence an operator should know when and how to navigate it in the most effective way. When talking about the handling of hydraulic breakers, obstruction is an important aspect.

As an operator on a job site, there are a lot of things that could lead to obstruction, and this is the time where your skills are most needed. But should it get to a point where the tool is unable to move, you need to stop the operation immediately and make a thorough inspection.

The operator in charge has to be experienced and patient enough to see this through — there are no two ways about it. Although this might seem to slow operations down, although it aids the maintenance process of hydraulic breakers.

Having a Structured Maintenance Plan

Nothing beats a well-structured maintenance plan, and this should be foremost on the mind of every operator that cares about the longevity and effectivity of a hydraulic breaker.

A well-structured maintenance plan oversees all aspects of maintenance from start to end. It begins with having the hydraulic breaker lubricated in the right places. As with most equipment and types of machinery, inadequate lubrication would definitely reduce lifespan.

A lot of operators have been able to solve lubrication issues with some improved technological innovations, some of which automatically lubricate equipment. Now, this is where investment comes in. Effective maintenance takes some investment, but it is far cheaper than buying a new hydraulic breaker.

The maintenance plan does not only oversee how to go about the upkeep, but it also talks about doing the right things at the right time. This includes when to change the oil, inspect the bolts as well as other parts of the hydraulic breaker.

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