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How to Leverage Seasonal Content for SEO Campaigns

The holidays are a time of cheer and merriment for all. But for websites that rely on SEO strategy to rank high, the holidays – and other seasonal events – serve as a reminder to get working.

So even if the next occasion is still far away, you need to be prepared and think of ways to generate more customers. Of course, the best way to do so is to be on the first page of the search engine results.

And since SEO results do not happen overnight, it’s time for you to get started right now. 

Here are some ways that can help you leverage seasonal content for SEO campaigns:

Optimize Your Current Website Content 

You don’t have to start from scratch every time a new season rolls in. 

If you still have content from last year’s holidays, then the easiest way to increase your rankings is to update this. Doing so may eliminate the need for new write-ups, as some revisions may be enough to help seal the deal. 

To know the best way to repurpose your content, you need to navigate the results page. Be on the lookout for these things:


Check the first SERP to see if most of the results come from big businesses. Check their websites and parse through their content and designs. 

If they are of the utmost quality, it means that it would be difficult to infiltrate the top rankings for these keywords.

User Intent

What’s great about analyzing search results is that you get a gist of what people look for on the web. 

Taking a good hard look at the top results will let you know if users are searching for definitions, reviews, navigation directions, and the like. Pattern your content after those.

Trends and Best Practices 

Check the websites that rank highly to see what they have in common. 

For instance, if most of them feature videos, then you should try to do so as well.

Do Comprehensive Keyword Research 

There may be times that updating your existing seasonal content may not be enough. As such, you need to get started with creating new seasonal content for your website. 

But before you do that, the recommended SEO strategy proves to be researching the best keywords first. When searching for these, you need to pick those with high search volume and low keyword difficulty. 

As seen above, the most popular keywords are usually dominated by big companies in the SERPs. Since it may be hard to infiltrate this list especially for a small company, you are better off with keywords that have low difficulty. They work just as well, but you need not worry about the big competition. 

When searching for keywords, you can use a free tool such as Google Trends. It can help you determine which keywords generate the most queries.

Another tool you can use is Ahrefs, which has an Organic Keywords section that gives you an insight into the most popular keywords. It also covers the related keywords and questions that rank well in Google.

Ahrefs also has a Similar Terms feature. For example, it can show you that it may be easier to rank for “DIY Christmas baskets” than just “Christmas baskets” alone.

Start Crafting Seasonal Content 

Now that you have the right keywords, you can get started with the writing process. 

As a gentle reminder, your seasonal content should possess the following characteristics to be deemed attractive and high-quality by search engine rankings:

  • Original and non-plagiarized content directly related to the website 
  • Use of keywords in headings 
  • Bulleted lists, which can get you a snippet from Google

It wouldn’t hurt to have some link building done as well. Getting a link from another website can help improve your rankings because it tells the search engines that other sites trust your content. 

Seek Professional Help

Too busy to delve into your SEO campaigns? Or can’t you just seem to make your website rank higher even with the tips mentioned above? Maybe it’s time for you to opt for professional help. 

For this, you are going to need the services of an SEO consulting firm. It can help you leverage your seasonal content so your website can land in the most-coveted first page of Google just in time for the holidays. 

As for the cost, think about professional help as a sort of investment. You may need to spend some money, but it’s going to help you earn money in the long run. It’s a definite win-win situation. 

A good SEO strategy can bring a lot of benefits to your website. But if you want to rank highly in the coming holiday season, then you need to start right now. 

Updating existing seasonal content – and creating new ones – can help boost your rankings just in time for the holidays. True enough, these techniques can help you improve your business sales, especially during the high-revenue holiday season. 

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