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12 Things You Should Do for Perfect Teeth by Your Wedding Day

12 Things You Should Do for Perfect Teeth by Your Wedding Day

When getting ready for your wedding day, you want to make sure your teeth are looking their best for all the lovely photos you are going to take with your friends and family for this lovely occasion. The last thing you want is to have chipped, cracked or stained teeth for your wedding day. These twelve tips will help you not only get those pearly whites that we’re all dreaming of but will help you maintain your overall oral health as well.

Go for a Consultation

One of the first things you should keep in mind is that you start taking care of your teeth as early as possible. Some dental treatments take time, depending on what you want to do with your teeth. This is why going to the dentist on time is important. You don’t want to wait for the last minute to fix something that might take months before seeing any results. For instance, Veneers can take up to three months, while other orthodontic treatments such as straightening can take even up to one year. This is why making a dental appointment at least one year before your wedding day should be at the top of your to-do-list. This way you’ll have enough time to fix and touch up any imperfections before the big day. 

Start Whitening 

Another thing you should definitely not leave for the last minute is teeth whitening. If you want to have your teeth white and shinier than ever for your wedding day, start with the teeth whitening process on time. It can generally take about one or two weeks for the teeth whitening process to work its magic. It is not the same for everyone though. It depends on what kind of results you’re aiming to reach.  

One of the biggest mistakes brides tend to make is doing the professional teeth whitening the day or night before the wedding. Not only will this not give good results, but it also poses a risk to your dental health. Having your teeth whitened this way is generally not recommended in case of accidental exposure to the gum tissue. This can cause pretty bad gingival irritation and you certainly don’t want to deal with something like that on your wedding day. You will do a much better job by doing the teeth whitening at home, but persistently for a certain time period before your wedding. There are many great alternatives for teeth whitening that you can use without professional help and they will give amazing results. 

Maintain your Oral Health 

Yes, preparing for the wedding can be quite stressful. It comes with many responsibilities and tasks that need to be done on time. But in no circumstances should you neglect your teeth and your overall oral health. Treating your teeth the right way should be your priority. In addition to what has been mentioned about going to the dentist, taking care of your oral health at home is also very important. The dentist can do so much as to give you advice on how to take care of your teeth and provide treatment in order to fix any issues you might have, but you have to do your part too. If you take care of your oral health, you won’t find yourself in a situation where you have to fix any issues at all.

Follow the White Smile Diet

Brushing your teeth isn’t the only way you can keep them clean and shiny. Eating healthy snacks such as apples or celery can also be as effective as brushing your teeth with toothpaste. It does sound silly, but many dentists have confirmed this too. Raw fruits and veggies are packed with loads of fibre. This natural abrasive can help you clean your teeth as much as any toothbrush can. Plus they are very beneficial for your overall health, and not just your oral health. On the contrary, dark and sticky food isn’t very good for your teeth. They are the worst culprits for staining and you should definitely avoid them before your wedding if you want to have clean and shiny teeth. 

Watch Your Toothpaste

Buying the right toothpaste plays a big role in keeping your teeth clean and healthy as much as anything else on this list does. It’s important to find good quality toothpaste with the right ingredients that will maintain your oral health and help you have bright and beautiful teeth for your wedding day. For example, it is generally recommended to avoid kinds of toothpaste that contain abrasive ingredients like silica. They can be very harsh and have negative results, especially if you have sensitive teeth. You should look for toothpaste with more natural ingredients that will effectively remove all the stain build-up and keep your teeth healthy. When buying new toothpaste you should look for ingredients such as Kaolin clay and bentonite clay. Those are amongst the safest, most effective and least abrasive ingredients toothpaste can have. They will do a great job of polishing off any surface stains you might have.

Be Mindful of Your Mouthwash

Be mindful of your mouthwash and how often you use it. As useful as it can be for making your morning breath more bearable, it can also be harmful to your teeth. Use them as less as possible, especially in months leading up to your wedding day, if you want to have healthy and shiny-looking teeth for the big day. Mouthwashes tend to contain high amounts of alcohol in them and that can cause many problems to your teeth, especially if you use mouthwash daily. The alcohol in these mouthwashes can dry out any dental work like composite bonding. Besides that, it can also weaken your overall tooth structure. The best option would be to rinse your mouth with a more natural formula that is alcohol-free. This will help keep your teeth clean but also maintain your oral health as well. For instance, try using a colourless mouthwash. 

Avoid Food and Drink that stain your teeth

As already mentioned before, avoiding dark food and drinks is very important if you want to have pearly white teeth for your wedding day. Food and drink that can easily stain your teeth are not a good option and will only make it harder for you to whiten your teeth while maintaining their health as well. Avoid consuming any deeply pigmented beverages such as soda, coffee, dark tea, and red wine. Also, food like blueberries, cherries, and soy sauce can stain your teeth too. Basically, all the beverages and foods that you’d expect to stain white cotton, will most likely stain your teeth as well. However, beware of white wine too. Any wine, whether it is colourless or not, can harm your teeth by roughening up tooth enamel making your teeth more susceptible to stains. 

Sip Smartly

However, we know it’s not easy to stay away from beverages such as coffee all the time just for the sake of keeping your teeth clean and shiny. When you do drink coffee, there are ways to minimise the staining this drink can leave on the surface of your teeth. You can sip your coffee or latte through a straw. This will help you avoid direct contact between your coffee and teeth and therefore prevent potential staining of your teeth. However, if you still want to be eco-friendly while drinking your favourite beverages in a café with your friends, you can always purchase a metal straw that you can carry with you wherever you go. They come in cute little boxes in which they can be stored and carried on your keychain or in the purse. This way you can keep drinking your favourite beverages without staining your teeth, all while being mindful of the environment as well.

Clean your teeth properly 

This one doesn’t come as a big surprise. This is something that all dentists mention without fail each time we go for a dental appointment. And the same goes for when you are trying to maintain your teeth healthy and pearly white for your wedding day. Cleaning your teeth not only regularly, but properly as well is very important for your oral health.  Choosing the right “equipment” for keeping your teeth clean is also very important. Care Dent can help you get equipped with all the needed oral care kits, tape and floss, tongue scrapers, and even some alternatives for toothbrushes that are easy to pack for when you’re travelling. Making sure that you clean your teeth properly and with the right tools makes a huge difference and can really help you get those perfect teeth for your wedding day. 

Take care of your lips

As silly as it may sound, taking proper care of your lips is also very important. If you have soft and smooth lips it will complement your pearly white teeth even more. However, if your lips are chapped and dried out, it will only draw attention to your teeth in a negative way. You need to make sure you are applying lip balm daily. And if you happen to have really dry and chapped lips try exfoliating. There are many lip scrubs out there that will help you get rid of the dead cells on the surface of your lips making them look super soft and plum. Or you could use a very soft electronic toothbrush to gently remove the top layer of the dead skin on your lips. Cover your lips with a lip balm right after it and be generous with the amount you apply. Sleep with it on overnight.

Choose the Right Lipstick

Choosing the right lipstick is also very important. By applying the right lipstick shade, your teeth will instantly look much brighter than before. Avoid using orange shades, salmons, peaches, brown tones, and corals. They tend to give teeth a yellowish cast. What you should opt for instead are red and pink shades with cool or blue undertones. The blue undertone will counteract the tinge of stains on your teeth and make your smile look brighter and shinier. Even though matte formulas tend to stay on lips longer, they might not be the best option because they absorb more light. That will only make your teeth appear darker than they are. Try wearing a creamy lipstick instead. Opt for the ones that have some shine or shimmer to them, or simply go for a gloss. Gloss will reflect light making your teeth look whiter and brighter. 

Consider Quick Fixes

Lastly, there are many more things and small details that you can do on the day of the wedding to make your teeth look as perfect as they can be. For instance, avoid wearing gold jewellery because it will bring out the yellowish tones in your teeth. Opt for simple yet sparkly earrings that will make your teeth appear whites and shinier. Playing with colours can do wonders when it comes to bringing out the white tones of your teeth. As mentioned above, good lipstick colour can be a game-changer when it comes to showing off the pearly white teeth. For example, lipstick shades such as bright red will make your teeth look whiter by making a huge contrast between the colour of your lips and teeth.  

Also, avoid magenta since it can make your teeth appear yellow. If you happen to have any minor defects in your smile, don’t worry. There is a way to cover it up for photos. If you have a small stain or a crack somewhere on your teeth, you can wipe a small dab of petroleum jelly over those spots. It will help diffuse the aberration and you won’t even be able to see those defects in your wedding photos. 


All things considered, taking care of your teeth properly and on time is very important if you want to have them looking their best for your wedding day. These twelve tips will help you keep your teeth healthy and shiny for your big day. 

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