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How to Increase Productivity by Taking Care of Your Feet

How to Increase Productivity by Taking Care of Your Feet

From the moment that your feet hit the floor after waking up, you have to do all you can to ensure that you can increase productivity in the day ahead without ever suffering from a burnout.

Enhancing your productivity should never be confused with pushing the body to perform more. Rather, true productivity only occurs when a person is able to take care of themselves, both mentally and physically.

The following is a look at tips that can make it easier for you to tap into the better version of yourself, and in the process get to achieve more in the little time that is available.

For the Body

1. Get Proper Rest

Contrary to popular beliefs, “it’s not possible for a person to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.” But this only applies to people who are getting enough rest.

Enough sleep, in this case, translates to ensuring that you get to sleep for between six and eight hours each day. A good place to start is by getting into a sleep cycle that is able to naturally follow the body’s circadian rhythm.

There are enough apps online that can help you to establish what your best sleeping time is! While at it, you will also need to start keeping track of your sleeping schedule, turning off disruptive blue lights and switching off the musical devices.

2. Go Slow on Your Coffee Intake

Did you know that popular ergonomics studies have suggested that the least productive thing a person can do before heading to work is drink a large cup of coffee just after waking up?

It’s counter-intuitive for you to immediately start flooding the body with caffeine a few minutes after you have woken up. The cortisol hormone is already providing you with the level of alertness you need.

Its levels automatically increase by up to fifty percent after you have woken up—it doesn’t matter whether it’s at five or eight in the morning. It, therefore, makes more sense to wait for at least an hour after waking up to get your coffee.

This will help ensure that the hormone levels will not fluctuate. It’s also a great way of ensuring that no one will see you yawning during those early morning meetings we all love to hate.

3. Exercise

You need to exercise your body. And while this is aimed at benefiting your body, it also happens to be beneficial to the brain as well. A good podiatrist will tell you that remaining active, even by taking short twenty-minute walks will assist in compacting the brain matter, while also streamlining the body.

Consult widely to learn how you can reduce foot arch pain when still remaining active. Pain makes many people become inactive, a factor that can cause the body and the brain to also become inefficient.

4. Inhale Deeply

For many, this is likely to be a bigger struggle than it may appear at first. While you may not like the idea behind meditation, the little exercises that you include in your day-to-day life, including stopping at a red light, walking to the bus stop, or waiting for your drink in line at the coffee shop are all to be savored.

Don’t seek to rush this kind of moment.

5. Take Your Lunchbreaks Away from Your Office Desk

There’s nothing harder than walking away from your keyboard or even taking a break for lunch when you have pressing deadlines.

But practice this routinely, and you will start to realize that the benefits that come with taking such breaks will slowly start to empower you to do more.

For the Mind

6. Stop Trying to Be Perfect

It’s time you started welcoming the good options at work, as opposed to always aiming for the highest goal you have set for yourself for each quarter.

But this is not to mean that you should allow yourself to stoop to a level where your work quality becomes negatively affected. Rather, it calls for you to start getting rid of perfectionism that can affect your work quality.

7. Scrutinize Available Meetings

Nothing is as boring and mind-numbing than having to sit down for a three-hour meeting. If it’s possible, make inquiries on whether your presence or input is needed for certain meetings.

In case this fails, you can try following these tips to ensure that you will still get something done during the time that you will be held up in the meeting.

8. Avoid Working Late

As a working professional, it will not be uncommon for you to encounter the occasional ten to twelve-hour working day. Often, this is likely to occur when there is a big event coming up, or a project whose deadline is fast approaching.

But while you still need to tend to your professional work, you also have to make sure that you stop burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Staying up too late on a daily basis for weeks on end will hurt your ability to remain sharp and focused.

When this happens, the reality is that you will undo all the hard work that you have done since the project planning process started.

9. Don’t Glorify Overworking

Personal and professional lives are filled with all kinds of traps. One such trap is saying that you are always busy. It also happens to be the easiest to get into, and hardest to free yourself from.

It’s not surprising to find yourself getting your best ideas during the few occasions that you have some downtime. In such instances, it may not be easy for you to formulate on anything new.

Keep in mind that burnout tends to occur during that time when you are busy spinning ideas in your head but failing to make any headway. As such, ensure that you don’t get to encourage others to fall into the same trap.

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