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The initial establishment of an Instagram account is usually extremely time-consuming and results are often very slow. However, the more followers you collect, the more likely that more people will follow you. Finally, a high number of subscribers speak for interesting content that you publish. But you don’t just need hashtags, likes, and followers to get known on Instagram. What you need most is a lot of patience. If you pay attention to our tips and tricks and also regularly upload new, high-quality and special as well as exciting images and deliver meaningful, interesting, but also funny content, you have a good chance of success and become a lot of Instagram followers to get. But that can take a while. Therefore the motto is: stay on the ball and don’t give up.


First of all, it is important to use a meaningful profile picture to get more followers organically instead you buy real Instagram followers. With a private account, this should be a picture of you or your logo for a company account so that other users can recognize you or your business immediately. Introduce yourself briefly to your potential followers. Name, place of residence and interests create closeness and invite you to follow. If you are concerned about your privacy, omit the place of residence or replace it with the state. The name of your profile can (of course not) be your real name or company name, then you will be found better in the search. Your username should then match your name. A good option here is to use a name without spaces and with lowercase letters. Then don’t forget to enter your website in your Instagram profile. You can also link to a published blog article or your own product or service. In the biography, you should also state what other users can expect on your profile.


Don’t wait for you to be found. Comment and above all like what you like and as often as you can. Anyone who sees that they receive a comment or like from a stranger becomes curious and often visits their page. The user in question may then become your next follower. You should also follow other profiles. Do you like a person or their photos (or the content) to become their followers? In return, users often thank the same action. If you have achieved this, you should – if you intend to do this – not immediately follow the account again. This only makes it clear that you only followed the account to get a follower. Rather wait to follow if the account really isn’t interesting for you.


Instagram is known for its hashtags, even if they are not as important today as they used to be. By placing # in front of a word, the corresponding image is found in the search using this term. We already explained how many hashtags there should be in a previous blog post. However, you should be careful to only use meaningful hashtags and not to overdo it. Instagram will not tolerate more than 30! With regard to hashtags, take part in current trends or take a look at long-running favorites like #love #instagood, #nofilter or #picoftheday. They are used a lot every day and are often searched for. Of course, you can also use hashtags to describe what can be seen in your picture. Also use hashtags in English, because Instagram is used internationally. A #food would only be sought in World, but a #food would find its seekers worldwide.

As far as it is compatible with the topic of your profile, you can also use current “trend hashtags” as well as local ones. The latter can even bring a lot and are not to be underestimated. You should be clear about one thing: With frequently used hashtags like #love or #happiness, your own photo quickly goes under. With little-used hashtags, your photo will be visible longer but will be found less often. Therefore, try to find a good middle ground between frequently used and less frequently used hashtags. In the search bar, you can see how many posts there are for a specific hashtag. For Instagram accounts with products, it is particularly worthwhile to create your own hashtags and use them in every post. Your followers will also use hashtags.


The look of your account matters! That’s why you should really think carefully about which photos you upload to Instagram. It can, of course, be snapshots from your everyday life, vacation, life. You can also create a topic page. Pay attention to the quality of the pictures: Nobody likes to look at bad photos. So only upload images that look good and that may also be special or original. Therefore avoid the twentieth picture of your pet, because only those of your Instagram followers really want to see it.


Pictures are not everything on Instagram either. Post high-quality content regularly. When your Instagram followers increases, you should regularly post new posts with meaningful or in any way special text content. These can also be funny, exciting, special texts. After all, in many cases, people not only follow you to see something about you, but also to read it. However, one post per day is sufficient in most cases. If there are too many posts, a few followers quickly jump off. You should research that. Your content strategy could mean, for example, that you offer your followers interesting or current content. A quick selfie at work or privately or a photo of the new table in the living room doesn’t appeal to too many people outside of family and friends. Better find a section or topic with whom you have a lot to do privately and / or that you are interested in. These can be topics such as travel, sports, and (unusual) hobby, fitness, beauty or it can also be your pet, etc. Then you stage the whole thing and dedicate your account to this area. Of course, you should also often be seen in the photos. The personal appearance is also crucial for your success.


The current Instagram algorithm relies heavily on the “engagement” factor. Your pictures will initially only be a manageable part of your Instagram followers displayed in the feed. The more likes and especially comments it gets in the first hour, the more it is played. You should always take that into account. In addition, you should reply to comments and messages as quickly as possible to accommodate the algorithm, so to speak. It’s also worth interacting with other users to get more followers. Just following a few people and hoping that they will hopefully do the same is not enough. Look at profiles as often as possible, leave a few goods or simply special comments that document your interest. You can use it to draw more attention to yourself.


Quite simply, you shouldn’t follow the now-unspeakable “follow unfollow” strategy. Just follow 100 or 1000 accounts and hope that they will follow you too. As soon as this happens, you will follow them again because you only want to have a large number of Instagram followers. This method only annoys users. Therefore, you should only follow accounts when building followers that fit your topic, your industry and target group and interact with them and network you.


One more thing is important. For years, hashtags under pictures were standard and an absolute must. With the new Instagram algorithm, they are less important for building followers. It still doesn’t hurt to set hashtags to get more likes. However, this number is no longer as high as it used to be. It now makes sense to link important users and pages in your community to your pictures. They will then receive a message and become aware of your photo. So you can increase your range. And so you strengthen the bond with your Instagram community and you interact directly with each other. In addition to all the innovations through a changed algorithm, which will also happen again and again on Instagram: You should maintain contact with your followers? Otherwise, active users will quickly lose interest and interest in your account. So you should allow some time for community maintenance. During this time, you scroll through your Instagram feed and like and comment on what it takes. 

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Genie Williams is an enthusiastic and self-reliant creative writer at Her passion for writing and effective communication skills add to her credibility as a writer. In addition to writing for multiple foreign corporations, she enjoys writing poems on current social issues.

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