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How and why you should spend time improving your social media profile

How and why you should spend time improving your social media profile

Over the last thirty or so years, technology and the internet have transformed all areas of work and business, and the web is now an integral part of huge swathes of our lives – everything from how we communicate to how we shop, watch media and search for information.

However, while no sector has been spared the influence of the internet, perhaps the greatest changes have been felt in the world of business – and, in particular, the way businesses now promote themselves.

The rising importance of social media in the marketing mix

While once it was enough for firms to simply be online and have a website, with the increasing dominance of social media in our lives, clients now expect companies to be active across all the major social platforms. Indeed, in our modern connected world, many industry experts believe it’s now virtually impossible for companies to build their brand or extend their customer base without having a strong social media profile.

Tips to improve your social media presence

If you’re relatively new to the world of social media marketing and are keen to see the best results, you might want to enlist the services of a professional web or social media marketing company to run your online promotions. However, if you’re looking to take a more DIY approach, here are a few ideas to help get you started

Focus on posting only quality content: In January 1996, Bill Gates famously wrote an oddly prescient article entitled, “Content is King”. While Gates’ article may already be 25 years old, it contained a fundamental message that remains true even today. Quality content drives traffic and increases loyalty across the entire web – and a firm’s social profile is no exception.

Remember the power of video and live events: Video has the highest engagement rate of any form of online media. Moreover, videoing live events can generate a buzz among your followers and help them feel like they’re there, in person. To extend the reach of your video productions, you could also broadcast with CART captions included so as not alienate those with hearing problems or foreign language speakers. Also, captioning will allow you to provide a transcript of your video following the live event and help those unable to view the sound on (for example, if they’re at work).

Learn from your mistakes and keep striving to improve: It’s worth remembering the whole social experience is still very much in its infancy (the first social sites only appeared in the early 2000s), so firms are still finding their feet a little. Try searching online for ideas on the best types of content to feature and monitor each post’s success.

Customer care is at the center of the social media experience: The interactive experience offered by social sites makes them the perfect platform to display your firm’s ability for customer care and attentiveness. Indeed, a recent survey found that 79% of clients who contact a company over social media expect a reply within 24 hours. In our fast-moving world, people are impatient but social media can be a great way to prove your proactive and professional outlook.

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