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How to Hide Your Images in Android Phone

How to Hide Your Images in Android Phone

You store tons of images on your Android device over a period of time. Many of these images you want to keep secret. To do this, you could use the interesting hack on your device or you can use third-party apps as well. In this article, we have discussed both the ways to help you hide your images in Android phone.

Hack to hide photos on your Android device

Step 1: As a quick hack, you need to create a new folder on your device. You need to name it with a period (.) followed by a name, like. Hidden Folder.

Step 2: Move all the images to this folder that you want to keep secret. 

Once you move selected images to this newly created folder, no one would be able to view these hidden images on your device.

To view these files, you need to select “Show hidden files” from Display Settings. 

Android Phone

Use third-party apps

Next thing you can do to keep personal or important images hidden is to use image hider tools. These tools also work as an app hider tools to help you hide your important and personal apps on your device. Let’s review some of these apps here. 

Keep Photos Secret: First powerful app is Keep Photos Secret, that helps you hide gallery pictures, videos, and more. This smart solution offers tons of useful features to keep your images and videos secret on your Android device. You can use Keep Photos Secret to secure your photos & videos in a secret vault that can’t be accessed without a password. App offers easy photo management options to help you manage and secure all your photos. 

Features of the Keep Photos Secret

Double layered password security: App offers double layer security to keep your data safe. AT first level, it allows you to set the 4-digit pin to lock the app and at second level it helps you lock individual albums on your device. 

Fingerprint unlock: In addition to the PIN, the app also helps you lock & unlock secret vault with your fingerprint. 

Secure storage option: App stores all your secret files on local storage and doesn’t move it to cloud servers. Thus, your data remain 100% secure. 

Passcode recovery: App offers easy passcode recovery in case you forget your PIN. Here, it sends you an email to help you reset your password. 

Stealth mode: Stealth mode removes the app from recent visited apps on your device. Thus no one can see that you visited this app.

Hide it Pro: Hide it Pro is next best solution that helps you hide photos, messages, and videos. Working as an app hider tool, you can also use this tool to lock apps on your device. To keep your security intact, the app remains disguised as “Audio Manager” in the app drawer on your device. Thus, no one can know that you are using this app. 

Features of Hide it Pro

  • App disguises as a fully functional Audio Manager on your device to keep your security intact.
  • Free cloud backup option to help you free up storage space. 
  • It disappears from recent apps list so that no one can track your activities.
  • Easy sharing to multiple social media apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, and WeChat.
  • Integrated video player to deliver enhanced user experience. 
  • Multiple lock screen options including PIN, pattern, fingerprint, and password lock.
  • Offers encryption feature to keep your important files untouched. 

GalleryVault: Next powerful tool is GalleryVault. It takes care of all your media on your Android device. It helps you hide app icon for better security. It allows you to import your private photos & videos and it keep them in secure vault. It works on seamless UI and beautiful design to offer enhanced user experience. 

Features of GalleryVault

  • It keeps all hidden files encrypted to keep your data safe.
  • It helps you hide app icon so that no one knows you are using this app.
  • It helps you hide files in SD card or move files to SD card to recover storage space on your device.
  • It supports downloading photos and videos on the web page and it is also integrated with a private web browser. 

So, these are few powerful apps to help you hide your private photos & videos on Android device. If you know more such apps for Android to keep your data safe, then feel free to share in the comments below. 

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