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How to Grow Your Blog Through Alternative Search Engines

How to Grow Your Blog Through Alternative Search Engines

Did you know that you are more likely to get better returns on your investment when you choose to prioritize blogging? But as it is, you probably already know this, which is you already own a blog!

But, how will you get more traffic from alternative search engines when no one is reading your blog articles or linking back to your site? While many people are likely to become disappointed when they are not getting web traffic, the trick is to try and resuscitate the blog as opposed to killing it.

This post is for bloggers who looking to get more traffic from search engines other than Google.   

1. Make Your Website Easy to Use

You have to ensure that you have a layout that is easy to understand. Any person visiting the website needs to be in a position where they can easily and quickly understand what it is that the website is offering. The question to ask yourself is simple: if I was scouring the internet in search of material to read, would I visit this blog?

How easy would I find it to understand the material on this website? If for any reason you find yourself answering NO to the two questions, then it means that you should consider redoing the website. Place emphasis on:

• Having clear navigation

• Ensuring that the search box is easy to locate, especially when it comes to private search within the box

• Make the site mobile friendly

2. Speed Up Your Website

No single person can withstand using a really slow website: search engines don’t like and neither do web users. In fact, many search engines have already indicated that page loading speed plays an important role when it comes to their search ranking algorithms.

There are many SEO tips and tools that can help you speed up the website. Consider using PageSpeed Insights to get some tips on how you can go about making your site much faster. For those that have already implemented such tips and still ended up coming short, try checking whether the server is the issue.

3. Create Content That’s Crave Worthy

Ensuring that your audience is engaged and happy is the surest way to make certain that it will stick to your website and also come back at a later date.

Coming up with quality content extends beyond displaying your writing talents. It also calls for you to make sure that the readers grow, become better leaders, and that you also get to build the reputation of your brand. While at it, you will also be trying to spread the awareness of your brand.

You can achieve all this by coming up with fresh content. As you freshen it up, also make it a point to keep it interesting and entertaining. Anyone reading your blog posts will need to find the information on your posts dynamic and new.

Strive to keep the visitors reading and sounding off in the comments section.

4. Build Engagement

Engaging content refers to content that can easily be scanned. Turn your focus to writing in an easy-to-read manner. When the reader is engaged, he or she will be willing to read everything that you have written, regardless of its length. The good news for you is that you can easily achieve this. All you have to do is:

• Stick to short and concise paragraphs

• Divide your content into subheadings

• Where possible, apply some visual heads

• Underline or bold all the important details

• Use a readable font—nothing too big or too small

It’s also possible to create engagement by making it easier to share content. Including a social media sharing button helps readers share your content on various platforms. You could also choose to mention some of the best brands on your posts. Major brands will definitely love this and will share your content on their platforms, thereby helping you to increase engagement.


Consistency is also crucial for blog owners looking to get traffic from alternative search engines. The four strategies explained above have all been found to work. But you shouldn’t expect them to provide results overnight. Apply them and you will soon start to get increased traffic to your website.

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