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How to Grow your App Using Content Marketing?

How to Grow your App Using Content Marketing?

If you search the play store you’d find many useful apps that you have no clue about. A large number of apps often go unnoticed because of the lack of marketing. When you create an app, you think your job is completed but that’s not the case. A good app is the one that is not only built well but also promoted to the relevant audience.

That’s why you should start your app marketing even before you start developing your app. With the right marketing strategy, promotion on the digital spaces and interacting with the right audience, you can grow the exposure of your app as soon as it’s release in the market.

And out of the many ways content marketing is the best to choose for your app promotion. It’s true that a major part of app promotion relies on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads but content marketing has become the new trend for the past few years. It’s because content marketing is cost-savvy and draw the right audience to your app.

Content marketing drives organic growth through blogging and videos. It gives you an edge over your competitors by bringing your app on front. So, here’s how to use content marketing to drive traffic on your app.

1.Start with a Strategy

Before you start your app promotion, you need to find out the buyer persona. That’s the people who’ll be interested in your app. If you promote your app without a buyer persona you won’t reach anywhere. Discover your buyer persona and things that interest your audience, know their needs and wants and start building your strategy according to their preferences.

2. Plan your Content

Now when you know your target audience, know which type of content you’ll create and the number of days of the content. For example, if you’re planning content for three months, plan the strategy. If there are any special days in these months, also plan your content for these days and try to build the relevancy with your app. Also, keep in mind the marketing platform for which you’re planning the content such as Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. The nature of the content also depends on the marketing platform, you can’t post a captivating picture on Pinterest and expect the traffic on your content, the post needs to be tailored to the platform.

3. Do your Keyword Research

Keyword research is highly important for content marketing, without it you won’t be able to market your content. So, to start with this research the keyword for your mobile app development. If your mobile app is a productivity app, then you need to find the keywords which will be relevant to your app. You can use tools like Ubersuggest, Keywords Planner or Google Suggest to find the keywords. Write your app description considering those keywords and also include it in the meta description, title and tags. If you write blogs on those keywords, keep it relevant and don’t overuse the keywords. It might hurt your marketing.

4. Maintain your Writing Style

With your buyer persona in hands, know what your audience wants. If your audience is professional, then maintain the professional writing style. If your app is friendly then the conversational tool might work for you. Follow this writing style in your social media posts, blogs and other marketing content. Find the forums which give you great opportunities to discuss your mobile app ideas and interact with the people. 

5. Use the Right Marketing Channels

Content marketing is not about writing only, you should know where to market your content and how. So, after creating your content strategy, know the platforms to market your content. Find the digital forums to publish and re-publish your content such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. By choosing the right marketing channels, you’ll get the right audience for your app. Zest is also a huge content marketing platform to market your content the right way.  

Content marketing takes time but it will bring you the long-term results for your app. By following the strategy mentioned above, you’ll know how to promote your app and increase the number of downloads on your app.  

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