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How to Get a Visa to Russia

How to Get a Visa to Russia

Traveling to Russia allows you to get acquainted with the cultural, ethnic, and historical diversity of the country. However, securing a visa for a tour to Russia is not an easy proposition. The process of securing a visa involves several complicated steps, leading to the stringent scrutiny of your request. If all documentation is satisfactory, you may be allowed permission to enter the nation. In case any discrepancy occurs, your claim might be canceled. Read on this article to get an understanding as to how to get a visa to Russia

Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business, you have to have patience. International tourists and business travelers can apply for a visa to Russia on the territory of citizenship, except for the individuals with a residence permit for 90 days. 

If you apply through the Russian tour agency, you will be informed and guided thoroughly so that you can gather all necessary documents and fill them in the right way. 

Usually, when it comes to Russian travel visa, the necessary documents required are a passport, a visa support letter, etc. However, if you are planning a tour on your own, you will wait for some time. It’s going to take much more to collect all the necessary documents. 

The following documents are required for Russia tour:

Russian Tourist Visa Application

Online application 

A passport with validity for no less than six months 

1 passport photograph

Tourist voucher 

Exact dates of departure 

Russian visa invitation

All you need to do is to go online and make your application. It is mandatory to have a Russian visa invitation letter if you are applying for a Russian Visa. Once completed, make sure that you sign your application after having a print-off. They will verify your signature against your passport to ensure that it’s yours. So, be careful! 

Make sure that you are done with all the preparation before your documents are submitted to the consulate authorities. Several agencies can be used to assist with an application. Choosing the right agency is the priority when it comes to making a tour to Russia. 

The following documents are required for a Russia business tour:

Russian Business Visa Application 

Online application 

A passport with validity for no less than six months 

1 passport photograph 

Exact dates of your travel plan 

A letter invitation from Foreign Ministry of Russia or one of its regional representatives 

A letter from your employer stating the facts about you, the Visa as well as the purpose of the trip

Self employed application 

3 months bank statements 

Visa Application

Make sure that all these requirements are satisfactorily fulfilled. If the process is clear to you, go and get ready for the application by yourself. However, taking into account the complexities, choosing the right visa agent who specializes in this kind of work will equip you with the proper information. It always makes sense that you have a sufficient amount of time to prepare your online application before your journey. Sometimes, the Consulate may ask for additional information or documents. So, be sure that you have all the necessary documents with you to avoid any harassment. 

Author Bio:

Viktoria Orlova is an accomplished writer with years of experience of working as an expert visa agent. He stays updated with latest changes in visa processing, and shares information regarding the same. 

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