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How to Get on the Perfect Road Trip With Baby

How to Get on the Perfect Road Trip With Baby

A family road trip could be the perfect way to bond with your loved ones and spend some quality time together this year. But what about your baby? Will all that time in the car be good for your little one? Will you be able to enjoy yourselves as parents knowing that your baby may be uncomfortable? And if this is your first road trip with a baby in tow, how can you best prepare for the change of pace that comes when it’s not just easygoing adults in the car anymore? Read on to discover the best strategies to make you, your partner, and your baby as comfortable as possible so that your road trip is a happy memory for your family.

Choose The Right Equipment

In this day and age, there are thousands of products available to make every aspect of parenting simpler and easier, and long road trips in the car are no exception. From soothing to safety to personal care, there is always a good fit to suit your little one’s needs and make your life a little easier as a parent. First and foremost, a road trip with a baby requires a good quality car seat to keep your baby safe, comfortable, and in compliance with the law. A Daiichi car seat, properly installed and adjusted for your child’s size and comfort, is an excellent investment to bring peace of mind and ease of travel to everyone in the vehicle. In addition, a compatible stroller or wearable infant carrier can make your stops along the journey accessible and fun for everyone.

Accessories such as window shades and mirrors can increase comfort and allow you to attend to your baby without excessive movement on your part. Age-appropriate toys are also an excellent way to keep a baby entertained on a long car trip since she is sure to spend at least a few waking hours in the same position in your car.

Take It Slow

On a long car ride with baby, patience is key. A young baby will need you to stop frequently to be attended to. Even though young babies will often sleep for long stretches of time while riding in the car, plan to stop once every hour to take care of your little one. Whether or not she needs it, change her diaper, offer a feeding, and give an opportunity for some kind of movement. If weather or surroundings don’t allow your baby to crawl or walk safely for a few minutes, bouncing on a parent’s lap, stretching, or even climbing around the car a bit can help a baby to relieve the stifled feeling of being buckled in for too long. A little bit of fresh air will go a long way, as well, to help you and your baby feel relaxed and calm.

Happy Family, Happy Baby

Remember, although a baby may dictate a lot of the family’s routine and needs for a time, it is important to consider the feelings and needs of everyone around you, especially if you will all be cooped up in a car together for a while! Think of ways for your older children to stay relaxed and happy on the road, such as a new interactive toy or activity book especially for them to enjoy on your road trip together. Chances are, older children are getting a little less of your attention than they did before the baby arrived, so they will appreciate a special gesture from you to show that this trip is intended to make them happy, too. And don’t forget yourselves, either, parents! What essential oils, favorite music, or guilty-pleasure snacks might make this time in the car more enjoyable for you? Your baby will respond positively to a relaxed, happy version of you, so take care of yourself and your partner in order to offer your little one the best in turn.

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