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How to get FIFA ultimate team coins

How to get FIFA ultimate team coins

With the recent release of FIFA 20, fans of FIFA ultimate team would be anticipating to get the best players even at a very high cost. However, there are several ways you can get coins for your favorite FIFA ultimate team game without having to break the banks or even open your wallet. Here are six helpful tips on how you can get coins in FIFA ultimate team.

 You can boost your coins from the EAS FC catalogue

Boosting your ultimate team coins by using this method is one of the easiest ways to get coins for your ultimate team game you can actually squeeze out every coin out of your team matches. By clicking your right thumb stick, you can be able to summon this feature. The coin boost feature is available in the catalogue, and you have the business opportunity of spending all your credits earned across all the FIFA titles to enable you to purchase these bonuses when you fire up the game. 

You have to ensure that you buy all the available coin boosts in your level as this can activate the next boosts as soon as your current one gets expired. By so doing, you can be able to get as much as 200 to 1000 coins for each match. This can make a lot of difference when it comes to accruing coins for your FIFA ultimate team.

Try to play as much squad battles and division rivals as you can

As soon as you get your coin boost, all geared up, ensure that you play some matches even if you do not yet have a strong side. Just playing some matches even without winning will still help you to get extra match coins from the boost. The best game modes for you to play are the squad battles and division rivals. 

You can earn additional rewards such as packs, coins or even both. You can achieve this at the close of each week, depending on the number of skill points you have accumulated in that particular mode. 

Complete squad building challenges for packs

SBCs, also known as squad building challenges, is a sure way of earning packs that can be used to purchase a valuable player. Before the commencement of every FIFA, there are sets of SBC puzzles to be completed. You can get enticing packs with some puzzles in the advanced category. 

You can look out for league based squad building challenges as well as weekly marquee matchups that offers decent packs as forms of rewards. Endeavour to keep all your players and do not be quick to sell them. One reason why you should not be too quick to sell the players you get from the pack is that even the most obscure player can be helpful in completing some difficult challenges along the line. 

Monitor the requirements for squad building challenges and sell the right players 

Squad building challenges are not just a means of acquiring coins, but they also provide you with an opportunity to carry out smart trading in the FIFA ultimate team market. After personally completing an SBC, identify those challenges with the best rewards and find out more about their requirements. Look within your club to identify those players that can help you solve the puzzle challenge and check out their market value. 

  • For those early birds who will love to FIFA 20 ultimate team game before it is launched on September 27, you may need to avoid selling your highly-rated player if you have access to one. The reason is since the prices of those players may increase when the game is fully launched. Though the price increase may not be much, you may rack up a few additional thousand coins in the process just by taking your time. You should, however, avoid holding on to your key players for too long as their prices may drop over time. Endure.

Another sure way to get coins is to discard consumables while you sell 

You may choose to sell your stadium to earn extra FIFA ultimate team coins. Consumable items like chemistry styles, position modifiers and contracts also provide players with some additional coins. These items are, however, needed to maintain your club, but you may choose to do away with them if you want to get some additional FUT coins without having to spend real cash. Selling modifiers such as desirable position modifiers and gold square fitness cards can warn you up to a thousand coins when transacted in the FUT market. 

FIFA 20 has a quick sell feature, which allows you to get a reasonable amount of coins while selling those items that are undesirable. However, it is not yet confirmed if the mass quick sell function will be available for items such as kits and balls. Selling these items can surely fetch you some extra coins.


If you want to get FIFA ultimate team coins, you may employ any of the above methods and be on your way to making those extra FUT coins without opening your wallet. However, if you do not feel comfortable exchanging some of your priced items for a few extra coins, then you can choose to buy coins for the FUT game. In addition, a website about obtaining coins can be found here:

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