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How to get authentic preowned luxury watches?

How to get authentic preowned luxury watches?

Ever heard of the quotable quote: “A watch tells you time, but a Rolex tells your time”? Those with a knack for accessories can surely relate to this. But have you ever thought why luxury watches are a whole other game? Luxury watches Singapore come at a high price. Special accessories like these watches take meticulous process to make one. For instance, a typical Rolex Daytona costs in thousands of Singapore dollars. The reason for it being so expensive is that it is especially made for those active on the race course with high speed cars. Designed intricately to meet the requirements of high-agility motor sport drivers, the watch tells the elapsed time and read average speeds on its trademark tachymetric bezel. The chronograph with a power reserve of 72 hours enables a driver to keep tabs on all components of speed and thrill while staying classy. It is for this reason that anyone with a flare for chronographs has to reach out for a Daytona on any good day. 

But if you are not one of those who can spare some of the dough they earn for high-end luxury watches, you can certainly go for the second hand watch Singapore to buy. Yes, the market value of a brand new Rolex maybe out of your reach, but a second hand chronograph will certainly be an affordable luxury. Take a Swiss watch for example. A regular brand new Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Chronograph is a limited edition luxury accessory costing around $30,000. The special feature about this watch is it’s ultra thin design which is quite rare in the league of luxury chronographs. But the same watch, when you look for a second hand one, will cost you anything between 15,000-18,000 dollars. This is the matter with pre-owned watches Singapore. A luxury passed on to someone becomes affordable. For watch enthusiasts and collectors, it all boils down to money. Now you may find luxury watches getting sold at unbelievable rates in pawn shop reality shows. But the truth is that owning a luxury timepiece will put you in an unmatchable class. 

But how do you get your hands on a second hand luxury watches? 

It’s a no brainer indeed. With counterfeit market being a billion dollar industry in Singapore, you have to be careful while trying to get your hands on a luxury watch. Anybody can replicate the logo to the minutest detail that can even befool the experts. But you have to know that luxury chronographs have to come from an authentic source. Since the luxury timepieces like those from Rolex have become a must-have in elite circles for their versatility and uniqueness, you have to get to the right dealer for it. 

Check for credibility

Often stores selling luxury watches Singapore are in huge numbers given that the counterfeit gets them good dough. But you can work around that problem. Just like in American countries, Better Business Bureau works for accreditation of companies, there is Singapore Accreditation Council or SAC that works under the Conformity Assessment Body or CAB. So, whenever you want to check out a used luxury watch store, check out if they have any assessment rating by the SAC. The higher the rating, the better compliance that store will have with the international standard. The more reputation, means the source of the second hand watch will be authentic. After all, you have to go for a credible and reputable seller. The pricing will also be according to the international market and will be according to the standards set by the authority. Strict anti-counterfeit policies are in place that will not let you waste your money on fake “luxury” watches. 

Check for customer experience

In this day and age, you have to understand the importance of testimonials. If someone gets an authentic buy, they are bound to give a great testimonial about the dealer of second hand watch Singapore. Read through the reviews and ratings. See how the store has got its customers delighted. The better the customer experience, the better the credibility of the dealer. The dealer will know what pleases his customers about the ins and outs of the luxury watch world. 

Check for technicalities

Make sure you have the dealer get the luxury watch checked for authenticity as well. Do not just rely on ratings. A reputable dealer will give you your money’s worth by getting the pre-owned watches Singapore thoroughly tested. As far as it comes to Rolex, each timepiece has a story and purpose. They should know about the source of the rolex and have complete information about it. Any dealer who can provide a genuine certificate of authenticity is your ultimate choice. Even if you are buying a second hand luxury watch as a hobby, do not let the glimmer fool you. Certification adds to authenticity. Just like in the case of gold. Precious metals are utilised in the making of luxury watches. Often counterfeit makers put tiny fake parts and the larger real parts to fool the customer. This is why technician check is a must. 


Luxury watches Singapore are a class apart. They are made especially for people who are a class apart. But the timepieces are susceptible to counterfeiting. Finding the right dealer may be a challenge. But you can use the above guide to help you navigate the purchase of a luxury brand watch. Once you do so, your choices are unlimited. If you are a travel enthusiast, go for a shiny Rolex GMT Master II, and the rough and tough terrains are no match for your spirit. If underwater adventures are your thing, go for a Rolex Submariner with waterproof lining. Splash around all you want. If flying at top speed over the clouds is your adrenaline dose, go for a Rolex Sky Dweller. The choices are endless. It all depends on your passion. No matter what adventure you like or what style you want to show the world, there is always a luxury watch made just for it. 

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