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The Definitive Guide To Finding Website Design Clients

The Definitive Guide To Finding Website Design Clients

At some point, every freelancer or agency has asked themselves these same questions.  The truth is, however passionate you are about your profession, it is important to achieve financial stability. After all, it serves as a thermometer for you to assess whether you are doing a good job and made the right decision by becoming your boss.

However, to achieve financial stability, it is necessary to win customers. Therefore, Xploited media will talk about six different tactics for you to find more website design clients for your company. 

1. Write good business proposals

There are two types of people in the world: those who like to write proposals and those who don’t. Regardless, proposals are critical to finding new customers. Furthermore, they are a great auxiliary tool to close a service contract, especially after the initial contact and the presentation of your portfolio.

It is also possible to make use of proposals to offer new business opportunities to potential customers who do not yet know your company. Companies often issue a Request for Proposals (or RFP, Request for Proposals ) online, which means that you can apply to work on bigger projects, get better contracts and gain more visibility for your business. 

Therefore, it is just as important to develop a good proposal as it is to find new business opportunities.

It is so important to prepare a good proposal when finding new business opportunities.

In addition to a well-written proposal, it is also essential to ensure that your company is well organized in managerial, accounting and structural terms to achieve good business in both the private and public sectors. 

Many times, professionals and individual microentrepreneurs do not even imagine that they can be suppliers of services (or products) to the Federal Government.

In principle, any company (and individuals) can maintain commercial relations with companies and public bodies through the bidding process, as long as it is formalized and in a regular situation with the Tax Authorities.

It is also important to prove legal qualification, technical and economic qualification, as well as fiscal regularity through the presentation of specific documents: social contract (registered with the notary or commercial board), balance sheet, financial statements of the last fiscal year, minimum share capital or equity, in addition to other documents, such as the negative bankruptcy certificate. All this paperwork has a purpose: to certify a healthy financial situation.

These conditions are essential for participating in bids. If you were interested in knowing more about selling your website design or web development services to the government, be sure to check out 10 tips to get this project off the ground.

2. Access job sites

Although RFPs can result in large contracts and new project opportunities, the process as a whole is time-consuming. But for most companies, time is of the essence, especially if they aim to attract new customers to increase monthly revenue.

Therefore, an alternative is to use an outsourced “marketplace”: the job sites, which post opportunities on client projects and allow freelancers to apply. Also, website designers and developers can disclose the hourly rates they wish to charge and be contacted by customers for certain types of projects.

To increase your chances, try both approaches: search for client projects and make your professional profile available on the website of your choice. And to facilitate this task, there are several cool platforms for publicizing job opportunities for freelancers. Let’s see some examples below.

The Upwork, formerly known as Odesk, is one of the most popular job opportunities platforms. Unlike similar sites, Upwork allows website designers and developers to only bid on client projects, but not to publish their services  –  which is certainly a good thing, because there is a multitude of projects published on the platform, especially in the field of website design and development. 

And if you have a good reputation (or an exceptional talent), you might be chosen by Upwork himself for client projects.


Like Upwork,  Freelancer is a source of job opportunities that allows web designers and developers to look for interesting jobs and bid to participate in projects that interest them.

However, Freelancer works a little differently from traditional platforms, as potential customers can choose between two different types of jobs: projects and contests.

Projects allow web designers and developers to bid competitively for a particular job, while in contests they send jobs with a payment amount, and the potential customer only accepts the job (and makes payment) if he likes it.

Regardless of the chosen modality, access to the site is free for freelancers. It’s easy to sign up: use your Facebook account or create a new Freelancer account using your email address.

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