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Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for marketers because when websites are optimized, they become more visible to people. There are frequently occurring Google updates and businesses have to stay updated and be in the loop if they do not want to be left behind.

Digital marketing companies in Dubai can help businesses maintain their websites. The website of a business impacts how the business is perceived by visitors. To attract and retain customers you have to keep your website updated with the latest Google updates.

It is important to note that SEO is an ongoing process and Google changes its algorithms regularly. What worked for your website months ago might not work today.  It is important that websites adapt to changes. It is important that they are checked, tweaked and revised.

To effectively practice SEO with frequent Google updates you have to note that:

  1. Keywords are not constant: Picking the right keywords is important if a website is to be optimized but should note that keywords come in and out of fashion. The keyword that trends this year might not be in vogue next year. The relevance of a keyword can drop over time.You should use your keyword tool to track the keywords you use in your website and make relevant changes when they are needed.
  2. Title tags are not constant: A keyword change will have an effect on the title tags and meta descriptions of a website. Whenever you alter a keyword in your content it is important that you adjust your title tags and meta descriptions.
  3. Relevant content: Always update your website content. Keep your content fresh and relevant. You should know the type of content you want to post and the frequency of posting contents. Having fresh contents makes search engines to index your content.
  4. Stay away from bad backlinks: Backlinks can help you climb the ranking and they can harm your website if they are spam. You can use different SEO tools to check if your website has a good backlink or a bad backlink.

             Websites that are not maintained do not function optimally. SEO is integral to websites and it gives search engines the materials required to rank a website.

Many people build their websites and do not maintain it because they believe the website will function optimally on its own. The internet continuously evolves and so do threats to your website. Websites have to be updated and secured and this is why maintenance is indispensable.

Updates to the algorithm of Google are inevitable and the reasons why a website must be maintained are:

  1. Enhanced user experience: Visitors to a website can get optimal user experience when a website makes use of SEO. Visitors can understand a website greatly when it is optimized. Website maintenance activities include updating products and services, posting company news, industry news or employee news. A website that is not maintained will negatively affect the goals of a business.
  2. Increase in traffic: SEO maximizes the marketing efforts of business as most people visit websites that are optimized. Digital marketing companies in Dubai can help a website increase its traffic. SEO increases the visibility of a website. Make sure your website is customer-centered.
  3. Brand credibility: Websites that rank highly are trusted by people. People rarely click on websites that are further back in the ranking. SEO differentiates businesses from their competitors. Your website and business is cast in a positive light when you update your website.
  4. Outdated content is bad: Maintaining a website involves building a relationship with you audience and when your audience perception of your website falters when they see outdated content on your website.
  5. Security: Website security is mandatory for all websites as security breaches damages the reputation of a business and leads to loss of revenue and customers. You need to secure your websites as prevention is better than cure. By updating your website with the latest security patches you will be able to keep your website safe and secure
  6. Better return on investment (ROI): How visitors interact with your website can be monitored by SEO as SEO can track traffic, ranking and conversion. SEO gives your website a competitive edge. SEO will take your business to the next level. You will be able to introduce new products and services to audiences if your website is regularly updated.
  7. Optimal performance: Your website performance will be affected if you do not keep in touch with Google updates. You must maintain your website and optimize user experiences. Conducting a site audit can help you track and fix issues.
  8. Navigation: SEO makes it easy for you to navigate the site architecture of your website. It makes your website to be easily navigable.
  9. Rank higher: Effectively practicing SEO with diverse Google updates can help your website rank highly in search engines. Your website will be rated poorly if you have broken links. Digital marketing companies Dubai can help you check if your website has broken links.
  10. Corporate image: A website that is not maintained reflects poorly on your website. You should make sure there are no grammatical mistakes, errors, broken links and outdated content on your website.
  11. Sales and leads: SEO increases the sales and leads that can be gotten from a website.
  12. Analytics: Google analytics is important in the maintenance of a website.

How Google finds and crawls websites:

  1. Analyzing indexing history: Google notices changes that are made to a website when it indexes the website. You can use the Google Webmaster Tool to track how frequently your website is visited by Google.
  2. Google indexing factors:  Factors that contribute to the quick crawling and indexing of websites by Google include domain authority, page authority, popularity of a website and content schedule.
  3. Googlebot: Googlebot is a search software that finds and collects information on the web for Google. It adds information to the searchable index of Google.
  4. Index faster: You can help Google index your website faster by engaging in Google analytics, asking Google to fetch the changes you made to your website, creating sitemaps and using Google webmaster tools.

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