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How To Effectively Clean A House Or Flat? General Cleaning Step By Step

How To Effectively Clean A House Or Flat? General Cleaning Step By Step

Although we tend to clean up the big house before Christmas or in the spring, you can start cleaning the whole house at any time. Remember, however, not to get away from the proverbial hoe to the sun and do not count on the fact that you can clean up the whole apartment in one day. 

How to effectively clean at home? It’s best to divide all work into a few days to take care of a different room each day. In this way, you can focus on important details, and not just on the superficial home cleaning up of the mess. I have a small guide for you to effectively clean the whole house. Keep reading for more tips.

General cleaning of the house – what does it mean?

What exactly do such thorough cleaning throughout the home mean? It’s a cleaning that aims not only to quickly clean up the visible mess but also to organize what is invisible at first glance. Thorough cleaning of the apartment should cover every room, as well as take into account such details as removing dust from roller blinds or cleaning joints. 

During such cleanup, you should get rid of everything unnecessary – worn, broken, incomplete or unused. Stacks of old newspapers, leaky cloths, a cup without an ear, expired food, unworn clothes, disliked cosmetics, missed gifts. The list of items that only take up space, dust and hinder home cleaning can belong. Therefore, before you start scrubbing, washing, vacuuming, wiping – do a good inventory of all your possessions. After clearing the space, you can start cleaning the house for a flash!

Cleaning the apartment – where to start?

So that cleaning the whole house gives the expected results, it’s worth knowing where to start. I have already mentioned getting rid of everything you don’t need above. In this way, you will gain additional space and create a field for further general cleaning. What’s next?

Divide cleaning into several stages – don’t dive into deep water and don’t plan everything for just one day! This is far too little time to clean the whole apartment well. One day you can spend on cleaning windows, another for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, and the third for cleaning the living room and bedroom. It all depends on how big your house (or apartment) is and how many elements are in each room.

Set the cleaning order – effective cleaning is scheduled cleaning! In addition to creating a cleaning schedule for each day, I often set the order of activities. For example, if for a given day I planned cleaning the bathroom, I create a list of individual works to be done – washing settings, cosmetics review, cleaning cabinets, washing mirrors, scrubbing the shower, sink and toilet, sweeping and washing floors. I am much faster with the task list and I won’t forget anything.

Divide responsibilities – don’t take everything on yourself! Distribute bulleted tasks to all household members. Children should also participate in household chores by carrying out tasks appropriate for their age. They can collect scattered toys into the box or organize on their desk.

Complete a cleaning kit – before you get on with the big house cleaning, check if you have a complete home cleaning kit for a flash. You will need rubber gloves, sponges, cloths, a brush, a mop, and appropriate cleaning products.

Window cleaning in the whole house

How to effectively clean the whole house? First, get on with those tasks that require more work. And such is certainly window cleaning! Dusty, with visible stains, will certainly not be the best showcase of your home. Therefore, if the windows have already got a lot of dirt from the last cleaning, you can start general cleaning from that.

How do you clean the windows?

Take off curtains and set the laundry.

Clean the blinds and curtain rods from dust. A microfibre glove that absorbs dust – even when dry – will prove useful in this task. I put such a glove on my hand and wipe another strip of the blind with my hand. When the blinds and curtain rods are heavily soiled, I moisten such a glove with water with the addition of dishwashing liquid.

Wash window frames and window sills. Only after that, start cleaning the windows. I always prepare a washing liquid in a plastic bowl or bucket, a special preparation or warm water with vinegar (in a 2: 1 ratio). A good solution is also to buy a window washer with a sprayer, which makes it much easier to spread the preparation on the glass.

For cleaning windows, it is best to use a special washer with a squeegee – a microfiber or sponge cartridge distributes the cleaning agent, removing dirt, and the rubber edge pulls excess water without leaving streaks. Washers with a shorter handle are available, which will work for taller people. If you do not want to step on any stools, get a window cleaner with a longer handle, which looks like a brush for sweeping floors but is used for cleaning windows.

After cleaning the windows, I polish them with a special microfiber cloth for glass. They will shine and the room will get brighter immediately.

These are just some tips on how to effectively clean your apartment with a flash! Each home has different appliances that need different care, so it’s difficult to mention all of them. The most important thing is to plan cleaning so as not to clean the whole house in one day! Not only will you get tired, but you will not clean up all the rooms exactly. It’s better to spread the work over a few days and get the other household members to clean up.  Prepare the right cleaning set and start cleaning the space! Good luck! 

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