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How To Edit Footer In WordPress

How To Edit Footer In WordPress

A website’s footer is an important component of the design. Making changes to it is a necessary thing to learn. For this, you will need to have a good knowledge of navigating to the right section. You will also require a good understanding of all the elements so that you can correctly change the one that is required. You can edit or change the footer in WordPress in many different ways. Let us explore a few in this post.

The Footer Code: In this way, you would have to edit the WordPress footer code. The changes will need to be done on the footer.php file. To do this, first ensure you are logged in to your WordPress Admin dashboard. On the left side of the screen, you will see a menu. Within that, click on ‘Appearance’ and then on ‘Editor’.  Here, on the right side, you will see a list of theme files. Find the one named Theme Footer and click on it. Instead of making the modifications on the footer.php files, create a child theme and make the changes there. It is also a good idea to get a backup of your files. So, if something goes wrong, all you would need to do is to revert to the old files stored. If you want, you could simply comment on the old code in the footer.php file and remove it if the modified version is not working. This code requires basic coding knowledge. If that’s not your game, read the other options.

Theme Customizer: Instead of dabbling around with codes, working around with the Theme Customizer is a much better bet. You can do so by first logging into your WordPress Admin Dashboard and making your way to ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Customize’. You will now see the Customizer of the WordPress theme that you had installed and activated. Here, you will see a section named ‘Footer Settings’. Here, you can change not only the content but also the design. This can be easily done by even those who don’t have any coding knowledge.

WordPress footer CSS: This is another easy way to edit footer in WordPress. If you are looking to remove the “Proudly Powered by WordPress” or something else, all you need to do is to go to the CSS file and make the changes. For the former, you can easily do it by simply removing the last line. You can do so by first logging into your WordPress Admin Dashboard and making your way to ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Customize’. Go to the theme Customizer and find a section called Additional CSS. Make the changes that you want and click ‘Publish’.

WordPress Footer Widget: You can change the footer design and content with widgets. As usual, log in to your WordPress Admin dashboard and make your way to ‘Widgets’ by clicking on ‘Appearance’. On the left side, you will see the available widgets. Select the one and drag and drop it to the “Footer 1” and “Footer 2”. You can modify the design and content and save the changes.

WordPress Footer Widget

Changes and Modifications

Now that you have seen the different ways to edit Footer in WordPress, let us take a look at what else you can do with modifications. There are pre-defined templates that you can use for an attractive design. You can otherwise change the layouts and components to create something unique.

The very first thing you need to add to your footer is the Copyright text, the menu items, the About page, and basic contact information. Don’t forget – a website footer is just as important as the header and needs to have all the content that users would expect. You can visit the settings page if you want to change the default colors. Choose something vibrant and one that gives a contrast to your page. Make sure the font you choose is visible on the background color. There is nothing more annoying than a dark text color on a dark background!

Coming to footer links on WordPress, it could be easily done if you make your way to the Links Settings in the Customizer. You could add social media account icons and more on your footer. You could also add anchor text for other links that you add in the footer. Instead of having uniform color code, you can always add colors or layers to your footer to bring the user’s attention to a certain part of the footer. This is particularly useful if you want to emphasize certain things. You can choose two or more contrasting colors. However, do keep in mind that by using more colors, the footer might start looking messy and it could become a bit difficult to read.

wordpress Modifications

If you don’t want to have to copyright text that comes with most templates, it is an easy enough job to remove it using one of the four methods mentioned above.  You can also edit it according to your use. Another thing that you do with the footer is to increase or decrease its height. This can be easily done by using the footer.php file. Otherwise, you could also do it via the theme’s Customizer. Increasing the height of the footer will allow you to fit in more detail without making it look cramped. If you have a lot of text in the footer, consider using some images to balance it out visually. See if some of the information could be conveyed via images and if so, don’t hesitate to add them.

There are plenty of footer layouts in WordPress themes. You can choose the structure you like, such as a simple or a boxed layout. It could be a great idea since the information would be presented neatly, making it simpler for the users to read and understand. If you are enthusiastic about experimenting with colors and effects, you could do that with ease here. Just remember that the content should be visible and at times, too many effects could have an adverse effect.

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