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How to Cut a Ceramic Tile

How to Cut a Ceramic Tile

To cut a ceramic tile might be kind of scary, but seriously this is so easy than your imagination. What tool you want to use it depends on what area you want to do with it. And how many tiles you want to cut. If you’re going to cut a few tiles, then a glass cutter will be perfect. But if many like for construction work. Then a handheld tile cutter will be the right choice.

If you know how to cut a ceramic tile, then you can save a lot of money. And also, it can reduce the pipes of the design you like.

Use a glass cutter to cut straight:

A pencil and also a scale will help you to mark the tiles. Make a horizontal edge with the end edge of your flooring.

  1. A glass cutter will be better processed for small jobs like to cut a few tiles. You can’t cut the corner or curves entirely in this process.
  2. Take the tile and set it on a sturdy surface. Plywood or something like workbench will be best for this. Move the flooring to the corner so it can be right to the marked line.
  3. Mark a line on the tile with a glass cutter. Drag it across the marked line add a little pressure on it. It provided that you can’t be able to find a glass cutter. Then find a carbide-tipped pencil.
  4. Take a wire hanger and snap it over the tile. Place it precisely in the same position you marked. Next, put your hand on the un-marked area of the pipes and press it.
  5. Use a brick to smooth the tile if needed. You can rub the tile’s cut edge back and forth on the slab. It will remove all the roughness. It works like as sandpaper work on a block of wood.

Use a handheld tile cutter:

First of all, mark the area with a pencil you want to cut. A square or a ruler can help you to find the right angle for this.

  1. Put the tile into the tile cutter. Push your tiles onto the right angle of the fence and make sure that no particle will prevent the tile from touching the wall.
  2. Make a smooth and even pressure on the tile cutters’ handle. You will hear a scratching sound, but don’t worry. It means you are going in the right way.
  3. Use the tile cutter handle to cut the tile into half. Now take out the handle so that the rest of the part will break out from the tile.
  4. Then rub your tile on a brick surface to smooth the tiles’ edge. So, it will not hamper your hand.

Use a wet saw and scale for corner cuts:

Use the upper process to mark your tile. This process is suitable for a big job where a considerable number of tiles to cut.

  1. At first, read the manual of the wet saw. Each model has different instructions to do. So, be sure you read it first.
  2. In maximum cases, you have to fill up the with water before turn on the saw.
  3. Be alert that the water level won’t go too low. And also aware of that to change the water when it will get dirty. Otherwise, the saw won’t work correctly.
  4. The water has to cover the tile when the blade cuts it.
  5. Like the other process, you should use a brick or sandpaper to smooth the edge of the tile.

Use a tile nipper to cut tile:

This method will be a perfect cutting tile for the bathroom or toilet. That place at some position tiles needs to be curved. You can use cans or lids or other round objects to make the curve marked.

  1. Now take a tile nipper and pinch the tile between the nipper’s blade. Place the marked line and push the nippers. Just cut only a little piece of tile at a time.
  2. Otherwise, it will break your whole tiles.
  3. Continue breaking the small tile pieces between the marked line.
  4. After this, take a brick and smooth the corner of the cutting edge of that tile.

Tips for cutting tiles.

  1. You can use a diamond tile cutter wheel with a grinder to cut the tile. Make a straight line with a pencil. Then take the blender and lightly score the marked line. Then press forward and backward to break the marked point.
  2. You have provided that you are a newbie in this field. Take some spare tiles to do practice before the main work.
  3. Make sure that you are wearing the proper safety equipment like eye protection and hand gloves before doing this work.
  4. Sometime a pencil mark will be hard to see while working. So, mark with a permanent marker on the tile. You can remove it by rubbing it with alcohol.
  5. A wet saw or a tile cutter can be expensive if it will be a one-time job. So, try to rent this thing from the local hardware shop. 

Some FAQ About Tile Cutting.

Q: Will an oscillating tool can cut tile?

A: Yes, you can make some kinds of cut using oscillating tool. This tool can produce some intricate cuts than a saw or tile cutter can’t make those perfectly.

Q: Can jigsaw cut a tile?

A: If you attach a diamond blade on jigsaw, then it will be possible. Otherwise, an ordinary jigsaw can break your tile apart.

Q: Can I use this process to cut ceiling tiles as well?

A: Well, some of the points you can follow.


  1. Make sure to wear proper safety equipment.
  2. Hand gloves can save your hand from serious injuries.
  3. A dust mask will help you to inhale any dangerous fumes.
  4. Earplugs, Eyeglasses will help you to protect sensitive parts of your body.

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