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How to Convert MBOX File to Outlook PST, EML, EMLX and MSG with effortlessly?

How to Convert MBOX File to Outlook PST, EML, EMLX and MSG with effortlessly?

What is MBOX File? And who supported it?

MBOX is a File Format who used to store the email database. But MBOX store entire folder in a single file that’s why it’s a large file. There are many email applications who supported MBOX File to save its database. These email clients are Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Microsoft Entourage, etc. All of these email clients used MBOX File to save its data files.

Why user need to transfer MBOX data to PST or Other formats?

There are several reasons why the user needs to convert MBOX File to PST and other formats:

  • PST is an advanced format who helps the user to store the data in systematically, but MBOX stores the emails data in a sequence 
  • MS Outlook is more secure than any other platform, it makes PST more secure than MBOX
  • User can easily access the MBOX data to PST 

What is the quick and safe solution to convert MBOX file to PST or Other formats?

Sometimes a user can’t easily access the MBOX data to several platforms. User’s faced many difficulties to manage the MBOX data. These formats are well supported by various email clients and all they are free, but Outlook is more secure from all of them. So here, we provide a quick and safe solution to transfer MBOX data to Outlook PST and other formats as well through our software that converts the MBOX file. This software is designed to convert MBOX data to Outlook PST and other formats with effortlessly. Through this software user easily access the MBOX data into PST. 

MailsClick Convert MBOX File

This software supports the conversion of MBOX File to PST, EML, EMLX and MSG. With this software, users’ easily transfer the MBOX data to any of these formats without any extra efforts. This software has the simplified user interface to make the conversion process easy and simple for User. There are only few simple steps to command the software as mentioned below:

Step1: select single or multiple MBOX file by clicking on file mode or folder mode

Step2: view the all details of the MBOX files through preview panel

Step3: select the required format to convert such as PST, EML, MSG and EMLX

Step4: select the output destination to save the converted file

Step5: then click on convert now button to start the process

Prominent Features of Convert MBOX File

  • Easy and rapid conversion process
  • Supports single as well as multiple MBOX Files
  • Compatible with all versions of MS Outlook as well as Windows
  • Supports selective conversion of MBOX Files
  • Supports multiple format for converting data
  • No File Size Limitation are imposed
  • Maintains data integrity
  • Offers dual mode to save data in PST format
  • Independent tool, didn’t required any supportive tool to perform
  • Provide preview pane to view the details before conversion
  • Provide facility to user to select the output location for saving the resultant files
  • User-friendly software, user don’t need to be expert in technical field
  • Offers free trial version for testing the features and functions of it

Support Multiple Formats

Using this software, user easily transfer MBOX data to various formats such as PST, EML, EMLX and MSG with ease. These file formats are well supported by the software. It also supports the various email clients who supported MBOX files such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc.

Convert only Selective Data

This software provides the facility to user that he simply converts the specific MBOX data. It allows user to select the MBOX data for conversion.

Transfer Large Volume MBOX File

Through this software, user can easily transfer any size of MBOX file to any of these formats as above said. There is no file size limitation are imposed on the software.

User- defined Location to save data

It provides the facility to user that he is completely free to save the resultant data according to his desired location. User just need to add the output destination just before conversion process gets start.

Preserve Data Integrity

This software preserves the data integrity. No file gets damage during the entire conversion process. It helps to maintain the data originality of the MBOX Files.

This software is well- tested by the software engineers. They highly recommends it for better results. It also qualified for conversion of data.

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