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How to Convert Bitcoin into Cash: Great Tips That You Should Know

How to Convert Bitcoin into Cash: Great Tips That You Should Know

It is possible to convert Bitcoin into cash at any time you want. Actually, there are many ways of doing this. The benefit of withdrawing your Bitcoin into a bank account includes the security and convenience of using fiat currencies. Both beginners and experienced digital currency experts will agree that choosing the best Bitcoin withdrawal method is very important. Here are the common methods that are used today.

Bitcoin ATM

The ATM concept has now been adopted by cryptocurrencies. Usually, the ATMs are owned and maintained by third-party brokers who want people to convert Bitcoin into cash conveniently. So, you will find these machines in various places like shopping malls and near banks. So, how do they work?

Usually, these machines let you sell your Bitcoin for cash in an easy way. Once the fiat currency is in your wallet, you can transfer it to your bank account and only wait for a few hours for the money to appear. However, you should be prepared to pay higher transaction fees.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

This is the most commonly used option. If you have a wallet with an exchange platform, you will agree that they offer many more solutions. If you do not yet have a wallet, you can check the website that helps people to convert Bitcoin into cash for more information.

Usually, you will need a wallet that is loaded with Bitcoin. After this, you will be able to sell them for cash. The buyer can use a variety of fiat currencies because exchange platforms are flexible. After this, you can then transfer the fiat money into your bank account.

Using a Cryptocurrency Debit Card

Although this is not a common option, some third-party agents and financial institutions have already partnered with banks to make this happen. All you need is to have them manage your Bitcoin wallet. They automatically convert your Bitcoin into fiat money, which in turn makes it possible to buy from any vendor using a debit card. You can also withdraw cash at an ATM conveniently.

Selling Bitcoin to People You Know

Another option that is not very common is selling your Bitcoin for cash to friends, relatives and colleagues at your workplace. It is as simple as sending Bitcoin to their wallets and receiving fiat currency in any acceptable way. Some will give you cash while others will wire it into your bank account. The biggest precaution to take while dealing with this option is to avoid sending them Bitcoin when there is no proper agreement about how and when you will get your money.


See, converting Bitcoin into cash is very simple. It is a straightforward option. Choose any of the above methods and follow the right steps. Always be cautious about the platforms that you use or the people that you are dealing with to make sure that you have a smooth exchange. Lastly, beware of unnecessary charges that will reduce the amount that you can withdraw. If the fees are significant, you should wait to sell your Bitcoin at a good rate.

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