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Connect an Xbox One Controller without any issue

Connect an Xbox One Controller without any issue

Xbox one controllers work with Wi-Fi wireless technology so that you don’t have to sit all-time at one place. But one important thing; you also need to connect the console before you start playing. Microsoft has made it quite simple to connect your controller wirelessly so that you can set up within no time. But if you come across any issue while connecting your console, you can fix it with the help of Xbox support number. 

How to Connect Xbox one controller to console:

First, turn on your Xbox and insert AA batteries or a rechargeable battery to it. Press the Xbox large button from the middle of your Xbox controller and keep holding it until there is a flash on your controller. When you see the lighting but not the flash, the controller is connected. 

Now press the Xbox’s “connect” button. On the original Xbox, search for disc tray from the left side of the console. The button will be round in shape with an icon of radio on it. Now on the Xbox One X and S., You will find the “Connect” button on the right side of the front of the console just below the power button.

Now after pressing the “connect” button on your Xbox, wait for 20 seconds and hold the “connect” button on your controller as well. It is available on the top edge of your controller between the trigger button and next to the USB port. When the Xbox button blinks up, release the “connect” button. After it lit up, it is done. You can make the connection using the USB cable. If you need any help call upon Xbox Customer Service. 

How to troubleshoot the issue with Xbox one Controller

Check low batteries:

xbox one controller

Low batteries can cause connectivity issues. The low batteries affect the signal strength and thus not connecting the console. So, charge or replace your batteries.

Interference of another wireless device:

The conflict between signals can be the reason for connectivity errors. So, try to turn off the other wireless devices and connect the controller again.

Multiple connected controllers:

If you have multiple controllers connected on your console, you might face the connectivity issue. So, having more than eight controllers connected to your console.

Controller inactivity:

If you have the controller configured for more than fifteen minutes, your controllers may become unresponsive and at such times turning off is necessary.

The controller is not synced:

If you have the controller attached to any other device you need to the re-sync the console. For this, you need to start the Xbox-one and press the sync button until the light blinks. It should be connected for five to ten seconds.

Xbox Help Number is available all around the clock to help the techies for getting your issues resolved. You can get instant support without waiting on phone queues. You will get the most amazing solution in no time by the trained techies.

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