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5 Things to Follow To Clear the CFA Exam in First Attempt

5 Things to Follow To Clear the CFA Exam in First Attempt

Acquisition of CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) degree is what many post-grad students aspire to accomplish. It does not only proves to be an excellent step toward building your career but even signifies to the employers your level of dedication and mental discipline.

However, it is not an easy professional program to go through. Apart from investing 300+ hours for study, you have to adopt certain study techniques to clear this exam.

If you study CFA in Saudi Arabia or any other place then the below enumerated things must be followed to ace this exam in your first attempt.

Study resources are your Holy Grail

Enrolling yourself to a reputed CFA prep provider is an apt way to start off for the CFA program. Even though preparing and studying on your own seems like a good way to go, the advantage of studying in an Accredited Prep Provider is that you get to sit through class with your peers and study in a collaborative way.

Collaborative study proves to be highly efficient preparing for any type of exam so CFA is not an exception. Also, they tend to provide study materials which can be of extreme help for nailing the CFA Examination.

Plus, mock exams are held which can help you considerably to break through your CFAs in your first try itself.

Long interval study is a good way to go

The official institute of CFA highly suggests the candidates to take preparation at least six months prior for the upcoming examinations. Therefore, it is kind of mandatory for the individuals to study for an estimated 300 to 400 hours for each level of exam.

So if you plan to appear for the examination held on the month of June then it is absolutely necessary for you to start your study session from January itself. It happens quite often that candidates tend to feel confused a month before the set exam date.

Hence, all the more reason why we suggest you to dedicate longer period of preparation phase so that you are more likely to clear the exam.

Prioritizing CFA program in your everyday routine

Now major number of candidates appearing for CFA exams are either university students or working professionals. Henceforth, the crucial challenge lies in balancing your daily commitments with the CFA exam preparations.

For sure it is a difficult task but in no way it is impossible to achieve. With careful planning and sincere dedication you can achieve the desire balance between the two.

For instance, you can create a day to day, weekly and a monthly reading schedule so that you never miss out on your CFA prep. At the same time you need to take some off so that you don’t suffer from burnout.

Stop predicting upon patterns 

This is a common mistake that a large number of candidates tend to make reluctantly. Never ever try to skip out any of the CFA topics from your study material. 

This is the reason why long interval studies are highly recommended so that the students can cover all the study materials. After all, each topic holds a significant value in the CFA course.

You can never predict a certain pattern for a CFA exam. Try to cover n ample amount of study material so that you can be highly confident while giving your CFA exams.

Dedicate a month prior to exam for self-evaluation

Mock exams or self-evaluation tests are extremely essential to assess the level of preparation you have accomplished. The results out of these mock exams are essential to find out the weak points of yours and to take necessary preparations before the exam.

Try to take mock exams for CFA in practical setting. By practical we mean setting accurate time limits and challenges. Even though if you are enrolled to a prep provider to study CFA in Saudi Arabia or in other location, they take scheduled mock tests for your evaluation.

Following the above-mentioned points are absolutely essential for acing the CFA exam in your first attempt itself. Dedicate and commit yourself to your routine for clearing out CFAs seamlessly.

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