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How to clean the bottom of a pool? Manual step by step

How to clean the bottom of a pool? Manual step by step

The pools are considered as one of the best distractions we can have in our homes. But not everything is fun, having a pool involves a series of constant maintenance to ensure its proper functioning.

Therefore, we must know that the pools are not kept alone. There are different processes that you should know to know how to clean the bottom of a pool and be able to guarantee the best hygiene results.

In this sense, if you manage to carry out the correct maintenance of your pool, you will increase the health of people who enjoy it and avoid the spread of microorganisms that can contaminate the water.

Therefore, it is important to have a professional cleaning company that knows how to clean the bottom of a pool and through its home cleaning service will be the best way to save time and money.

Your opportunity has come to contact Cleaning Services Jersey City, the best option for the maintenance and cleaning of your pool. Dare to request your budget without obligation.

Next, we tell you the steps you should take into account to know how to clean the bottom of a pool properly.

What to do before you start cleaning the bottom of your pool

The most important thing before starting to clean, is to locate all the instruments and utensils that you will need. Also, you must ensure that the filtration equipment of your pool is disconnected from the electric current to avoid an accident with irreversible results.


At the bottom of a pool it can be cleaned with various tools. In addition to having the manual cleaner you can use a brush that removes dirt. Remember that the cleaner must connect it to a hose so that you can take the water to the place where the pool is located.

Identify what type of pool cleaner you have

To know the process of how to clean the bottom of a pool you should know what is the pool cleaner equipment, which you have to be able to speed up the cleaning process.

  • Automatic pool cleaner: it is an element that performs the cleaning process of pool funds automatically without being manipulated by a person. Although it is a pool robot but it is coded for other functions it will only clean the bottom of your pool.
  • Manual Pool Cleaner: we refer to an instrument similar to a domestic vacuum cleaner. If you have a cleaner with these characteristics you must be the one who moves it through the pool so you can vacuum all the dirt that is on the surface.
  • Hydraulic Pool Cleaners: we refer to a type of pool cleaner consisting of two types: those that work by pressure, this type of pool cleaner performs its function by means of the water pressure sent through the main pool pump.

Instead, those who work by aspiration are a pool cleaner robot which must be connected to one of the pool’s intake nozzles. This instrument sucks dirt randomly and does not require constant monitoring.

Therefore, once you have finished using the cleaner, you must clean the filter to remove the accumulated sand and ensure its proper functioning.

Manage chemicals

It is no secret to anyone that pool water contains chemicals, but it is not just any product, we talk about pool cleaning chemicals that help your pool maintenance last longer. This step is essential to know how to clean the bottom of a pool.

Everything in its place

Once you have executed the above mentioned steps, you have finished cleaning and maintaining your pool.

But do not forget to store all the tools in a place where you can not sunbathe so that your products last longer and you can count on them in the next cleaning of your pool that you carry out.

Do not forget to take into account that if you do not have experience executing the pool cleaning step by step, it is important to have a professional service like the one we offer in Cleaning Services Jersey City.

How often do you have to clean the pool?

A good pool cleaning system is the guarantee to enjoy a pollution-free distraction. Therefore, one of the most common and effective strategies to keep your pool clean is to collect the leaves or any type of element or insect that is superficially above the water.

By means of a pool cleaner and its correct maintenance, you will be able to detect any minimum aspect of contamination and the frequency of cleaning can be done every 6 months.

Otherwise, if the pool is unattended you will have to proceed with the hiring of a professional company so that you can restore your pool, since, unfortunately, it will have to be cleaned daily.

Cleaning Services Jersey City your pool bottom cleaning company

Maintaining your pool with good hygiene levels benefits the health of all the people who decide to enjoy it. Therefore, our team of professionals is committed to eliminating any type of bacteria that may affect the water.

Currently our budgets are the best in the market. Our community cleaning service and of knowing how to clean the bottom of a pool, we have become a leading agency in the national scene.

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